Do you know we spend on average 7 hours a day in our bedrooms? It’s your safe haven where you relax away from the world and all its problems. We, at Fineline, believe that this is a space worth keeping organised and beautiful.

Is your wardrobe an eyesore with disorganised clothes overspilling the drawers? Does your wardrobe seem to take up so much of your bedroom space?

What if you could have your dream cupboards:

  • tailored to meet your needs with enough shelves, drawers, hanging space, racks and accessories to have everything organised
  • make efficient seamless use of your bedroom space
  • in a contemporary up-to-date design with just the right materials and finishes to complement your room’s décor and other furnishings perfectly.

It’s possible, with a Fineline custom-designed wardrobe solution. You will be amazed at how our variety, options and finishes will transform your bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Add Space & Light

Your room will be more spacious with our stylish sliding wardrobe doors, which don’t take up door opening space like hinged doors. At last! there’s space for that attractive indoor palm with its air-purifying and sleep-enhancing benefits that you have long desired! And, for the ultimate in sophistication and class, our sliding mirror doors will seem to stream in more light and with full length mirrors you will always be impeccably attired – no more fashion faux pas for you!

And, with useful cupboard accessories in your designer wardrobe, getting ready each day should be easy and quick. Having an organised built-in cupboard will save you time and frustration – you can just reach for your outfit easily and begin your morning with a calm, positive attitude.

Here are some useful, space-saving wardrobe accessories for easy organising:

Dapper Drawer Organisers

Don’t let your underwear, socks or jewellery become entangled – use organisers in your drawers with separate compartments making all your items visible so you won’t have to rummage for them again!

Handy Hangers

Here are several useful hangers which fit over the rail, giving easy access to your items and for space-saving benefits:

  • Tiered hanger – hangs several shorter length items, like skirts and trousers, vertically.
  • Accessories hanger – has hooks/loops from which to hang scarves, belts, ties or jewellery etc.
  • Jewellery accessory hanger – hang your jewellery from its hooks/loops.
  • Belt organiser – designed for hanging your belts by the buckle from its hooks/loops.
  • Tie Hanger – has several bars tiered vertically on each side to suspend your ties.
  • Scarf hanger – loop your scarves through their honeycomb-shaped holes, soft-coated to prevent your scarves from snagging or slipping off.

Simple Spacious Shoe Organisers

You won’t trip over, misplace or damage your shoes again if you use a shoe organiser hung over the rail or your cupboard door.

Retractable Valet Rod/Pole

This nifty hanging space, installed in your closet, is a convenient place to hang your clothing while outfit planning or putting clothes away. Just pull it out and, when no longer needed, just slide it back into the wardrobe for great space-saving storage.

Helpful Hooks

Removable hooks over your cupboard doors are ideal for hanging bags, dressing gowns or hats if your space allows for them.

Having a stylish, modern custom-built cupboard is an investment that, unlike most investments, you can use and enjoy happily each day knowing that in the future, when you sell, it has added more value to your home.

Invest in a beautiful Fineline wardrobe custom-built to your specifications. Talk to us at Fineline and let us handle everything for you! We specialise in the custom design, manufacture, fabrication and installation of quality Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Internal Organisers and Wall Display Units. Our products are available in a broad range of attractive colours and finishes to ensure our product will complement and enhance your home décor.

View some of our amazing wardrobe solutions here:

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