When it comes to personalised display and practical storage solutions, our Floor to wall or floor to ceiling aluminium stanchions, shelves, drawer units, and accessories suggest infinite application possibilities for contemporary living.

We’re proud to say that our signature range of Infinity units make for a centrepiece in any bedroom interior design. Take a look at our exceptional range of Infinity products to get a better picture of how well our products will suit your home.


Infinity Display units + images

Storage display units are a must-have in your home and, for obvious reasons, are perfect for storing and organising clothing, accessories, and just about anything you keep in your bedroom.

Modern homes require a room or high ceiling aluminium stanchion with shelves, drawer elements and accessories that offer endless applications for your living room, office, and shopfitting to maximise storage space.

Woodgrain effects, decorative glass, mirror and aluminium stanchions make for great finishing textures and designs in your home. Flexibility, adaptability, and quality systems provide a valid answer in terms of functionality, practicality, and most essential, quality.


Infinity Organisers + Images

Most of us have found that if the wardrobe is cluttered, uncoordinated, or simply nonexistent then we cannot see the number of clothes we have or the various items we want to get rid of.

A unique and contemporary interior organiser for wardrobes and walk-in closets uses an adjustable Infinity system. Floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling aluminium stanchions, shelves, drawer units, and accessories make planning and organising your valued possessions an absolute sinch.


Built-in Wardrobes

The built-in wardrobe is a combination of style and practicality to create an effortless bedroom wardrobe storage solution. With the huge range of built-in wardrobe ideas to choose from, you are absolutely spoiled for choice in terms of selection and customisation.

We’ve established that everyone has different tastes and needs, thus Fineline wardrobes are custom designed to meet your individual needs and to ensure the ultimate storage solution, using our one of a kind, space-saving classic sliding wardrobe doors.

If you’re looking for a custom wardrobe, Infinity display and Infinity organiser solution that makes the most of your space Contact Tanya on 011 477 5408 or email tanya@finelinesolutions.co.za or visit us @ https://www.finelinesolutions.co.za/