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4 Organic Face Mask Recipes

Every now and then a little pampering can go a long way in giving ourselves some well-deserved self-love and what better way than having a nourishing facial? Here are four organic face mask recipes you can make at home to suit your skin type!  1. Banana and Cream for ageing skin This is the perfect face mask for anyone who would like a little ...
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Which new subjects have been added to the school curriculum? Help your child make the right subject choices.

For parents and students alike, Grade 9 offers the first major gateway to pursuing a particular career. During the year, students are encouraged to consider which subjects they want to continue for the remainder of their high school career. This decision will affect their tertiary education and ultimately their career choice, which is why taking th...
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4 Most Influential Women Today

There are many women who can be described as role models but we have taken a look at four extraordinary women who have dedicated their lives to helping the world become a better place. In celebration of Human Rights Day coming up, we have chosen four of the most influential women that have inspired millions of people across the globe.  Aung Sa...
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The Wardrobe on the Go

It's not a secret, Joburgers are among the busiest people in South Africa. We balance our work, kids, exercise, social lives, and all the inevitable drama that comes with the territory, but hey, we wouldn't have it any other way. Still, we could all use a few great tips to make our lives a little easier.  Read here for three ways to prepare yo...
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5 Ways to keep your shoes odourless

Phew! There are very few things that can be more unpleasant than when you or someone you love suffers from smelly shoes. After a long day at work, who doesn't want to kick off their shoes and relax? But with that awful foot odour rising from sweaty shoes, there are those who need to keep their sneakers, pumps or loafers on for the sake of others. S...
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The Ultimate Office Decor!

An office is a place of professional decorum that demonstrates what your company stands for while catering to the unique business needs of your employees. Over the past few decades, the office has also become the ideal destination to showcase "who" your business is and what it stands for by presenting the company culture through your office decor. ...
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Extra-murals for Your Kids

For many decades, kids have enjoyed a wide range of extra-murals that cater to their interests and help them to develop particular skills. However, many parents often notice a trend with their children that they seem to chop and change between activities too often. Children will make these choices based on what's popular with their friends, rather ...
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How to Store Your Summer Clothing

It is never too early to prepare your strategy for packing away your summer wardrobe and preparing for the winter ahead. If you're excited to bring out your favourite coats and cosy jerseys, then here are the four steps for an efficient wardrobe swap. ​ Clean your clothing: ​ Start by removing all your summer clothes from your wardrobe and laying t...
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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift: A Shoe Cupboard

More often than not, shoes are rather expensive and it seems the ones that we love the most often cost the most too. Many couples will have one person who values their shoe collection more than their dinnerware set, or music collection, and for them, the perfect gift this Valentine's Day would be their own shoe cupboard. Read on and discover how a ...
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Why Wardrobes are a Renovation Priority

When it comes to renovating your home, and in particular updating your bedroom, a facelift for your wardrobe should not be discounted. With any renovations, the costs of materials and labour can quickly add up. Here are four reasons why one of the main visual features of your bedroom, the beautiful wardrobe, needs to be at the top of your list. 1. ...
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What to Look for in a Tutor

With the school year already underway, you may be considering how to help your child improve on their school marks. Not all children share the same talents and for kids who may need a little extra help with their academics, tutors can be a blessing. Here are five tips to help you find the right tutor for your child.  1. Speak to your child and...
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Fineline's Goals for the Year Ahead

2019 has come and we're ready to get into the swing of things with a few new goals. We love our work, especially when we see our clients overjoyed smiles the moment they see their new wardrobe, organiser or room divider. For this reason, we have decided there are three goals we would like to achieve this year, and here they are. 1. Staying up to da...
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Preparing Kids for the New School Year

 Heading back to school after a long, relaxing holiday can be a big adjustment for both kids and parents. This is especially true if there is a big transition between grades or schools. The trick to avoid unnecessary stress for you and your child is a little preparation and forethought. Here are five ways to prepare your kids for school and ha...
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Planning Your Schedule to Include Exercise

Staying healthy can be a challenge, who really has the time for a complete workout and Uber Eats is so convenient. Luckily, there are a few things you can do in your everyday routine to get the exercise you need. Here are five things you can do to get your weekly five hours of sweat in. 1. Treat exercise like an appointment: There are a few things ...
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Your wardrobe New Year's Resolution, Make it a Reality in 2019!

Deciding that your New Year's resolution will be upgrading your home with new, custom built and uniquely styled wardrobes can help you to hit two birds, or accomplishments in this case, with one stone. Not only is it realistic and achievable goal to set for yourself, but it also has two great benefits for when you have the finished product installe...
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5 Fantastic Gift Ideas!

If you are one of those last minute shoppers, here are a few gift ideas that will suit almost anyone and there will still be plenty available in the stores. Here is our list of 5 fantastic last minute gift ideas to save the day this year. 1. Gift Vouchers: Some people can be quite difficult to buy a gift for, they may have everything they could eve...
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4 Tips to Organise Your Fridge

How often do you really clean out your fridge and freezer? Before your next big grocery shop, clean out and organise your fridge. Here are a few tips to help you to get to that perfectly organised fridge. ​ 1. Declutter inside the fridge: ​ Start by taking every item out of your fridge and sort through each one. Carefully read the labels for the ex...
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​4 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

 We love Christmas and the endless possibilities of exciting décor and stunning interior design, but sometimes synthetic trees can feel rather boring and uncreative. Why not try something different with one of these fun and unexpected Christmas tree ideas that are easy and cheap to make. Pallet Trees Pallets are all the décor rage right now. T...
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Healthy Alternatives to Holiday Cooking

With the festive season approaching, the silent question we all ask ourselves begins to whisper in our ears… How are you going to enjoy all those festive feasts and not lose the summer body you've been working on? For many of us, the end of the year is jam-packed with parties, family get-togethers, and food, oh the wonderful, glorious feasts we sha...
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Change is as Good as a Holiday

We all know the saying, change is as good as a holiday, but the question of how often you should change your home and especially bedroom decor seems to remain unanswered. For some, the exciting, fresh decor change can't come soon enough and keeping the home up to date with the latest trends is essential. For others, decades can pass by with the sam...
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