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Fineline Solutions in Your Home

Is your home as organised as you would like it to be? Clear away clutter with Fineline wardrobe and organiser Solutions. It is important to plan how and where you can build and store extra items that are cluttering your space to create the ultimate soothing and organised space. ​ Diversity of Options ​ Fineline offers a wide range of beautiful and ...
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5 Ideas for Extra Bathroom Storage

Get clever with your bathroom storage...Read below to learn five clever ways to maximise storage space in your bathroom.  ​ Extra Cupboard Space ​ Take a fresh look at your bathroom space and visualise it with a new built-in wardrobe for your towels and linen. Take a look at how we transformed this client's bathroom to store linen and shoes. T...
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What do you need to know about hobby rooms?

Having a creative hobby is a brilliant way to relax and to exercise your right brain while designing something you love, but how do you set up your creative space and keep it organised? Read below to learn the best way to set up your sewing room, artist's studio, carpentry space or craft room.  The sewing room Any tailor or seamstress will tel...
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Infinite Possibilities with Infinity Display Units!

Finding the right organiser for your office, living room, bedroom or retail outlet can be a challenge, that's why we have a product that gives you flexibility in design. Read below to discover the infinite possibilities with Fineline's Infinity organisers and walk-in custom built wardrobe solutions.  Stylish and Sophisticated Fineline's range ...
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Does Your Company Culture Say... Productivity?

Ensuring a productive and efficient office can be a challenge, especially when the physical space itself is chaotic. Building a productive work environment is key to the company's success and getting it right is simpler than you think. Here are three key ways to transform your company culture into a productive one.  ​ Reduce Workplace Stress ​...
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Is Your Fitness Routine Ready For Winter?

When winter rolls around each year, trying to maintain your fitness routine can become a bit more of a chore than anything else. The daylight hours grow shorter and the chill in the air can make staying in bed far more inviting than it once was, but don't let this discourage you. Here are four ways to help keep your fitness routine regular this win...
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4 Types of Clothes Hangers & What They're Best For

Clothes hangers are a wonderful invention, aren't they? Designed to be shaped similar to the human shoulders, their job is to allow our clothes to hang in our wardrobes without causing wrinkles. As an added bonus, they also help to save storage space for your clothes. With so many different types of clothing to hang up, it sometimes leaves us scrat...
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Building a Fineline Wardrobe from Start to Finish

Installing a new wardrobe with smooth, quality sliding doors and a dazzling mirror or custom finishes is enough to make any room look splendid. But what is the process? Many think that installing a new wardrobe, room divider, or organisation solution can be a mission, but the truth is far different. Read on to get an inside look into how we build y...
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6 Ways to Protect Your Dry Storage Food from Pests

There are not many things that are as disheartening as discovering your pantry and your dried food have been infested by pests. Sadly, this is something we will all experience in our lives and winning your pantry back from the creepy crawling infestation can be a battle. But not to fear, here are six steps to ridding your dried foods from weevils, ...
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With The Right Shoes…

There is very little doubt that shoes are one of the most important investments one can make when planning their wardrobes. Whether you're a man, woman, or child, making sure that you have the right shoes for any job, task or occasion can make the difference in success or failure and will add to your confidence.  Planning your wardrobe correct...
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Wardrobe Lighting

With the exception of the bed, the wardrobe will often be the centrepiece of the bedroom interior design. With custom design and elegantly, flawless sliding doors, the door wardrobe is quickly becoming a must-have work of art. And now, the ante has been upped. Lighting has become the new essential element to complete a wardrobes stunning sophistica...
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Removing Wardrobe Pests

Keeping clothing protected prolongs the lifespan of your favourite items, and that's why we have wardrobes. But what if the danger is there… lurking deep within your closet? Parasites come in all shapes and sizes, and each has its' favourite meal. So what do you do when your favourite pieces of clothing are their preferred lunch? Read on and discov...
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How to prevent Ice Build-Up

Life can be filled with minor inconveniences! One of the biggest annoyances being ice build-up in the freezer. If you often find yourself chiseling chunks of ice onto a laid down towel, nervous to damage your coils but at the same time needing to get at your food, then this is the advice is for you. Read on to learn the causes of ice build-up and h...
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Slide & Make Space

Imagine if there was a key feature to a room that had the ability to tie all the decorative elements together while providing the illusion of space with a simple slide. Well, sliding mirror doors are a reality and can benefit your need for space in multiple ways. Read on and discover how sliding mirror doors can easily add the feel of more space to...
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Winter Wardrobes

What will winter hold for our wardrobes? Each season we are thrilled to see the latest and greatest in fashion which will be gracing our wardrobes, but knowing what will be a hit and what will be a miss, can be a challenge. Read on to discover how to plan, organise, and what you should incorporate into your wardrobe this winter. 1. Planning: When i...
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4 Reasons Renovate Your Wardrobe During Autumn

​If there's one time of year that is ideal to have your wardrobe renovated, it would have to be during the change of seasons. If you have been waiting for the right time to give your wardrobes the makeover they deserve, here are four reasons to consider having them redone this autumn. Gives you the opportunity to sort your clothing before the upcom...
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4 Organic Face Mask Recipes

Every now and then a little pampering can go a long way in giving ourselves some well-deserved self-love and what better way than having a nourishing facial? Here are four organic face mask recipes you can make at home to suit your skin type!  1. Banana and Cream for ageing skin This is the perfect face mask for anyone who would like a little ...
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Which new subjects have been added to the school curriculum? Help your child make the right subject choices.

For parents and students alike, Grade 9 offers the first major gateway to pursuing a particular career. During the year, students are encouraged to consider which subjects they want to continue for the remainder of their high school career. This decision will affect their tertiary education and ultimately their career choice, which is why taking th...
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4 Most Influential Women Today

There are many women who can be described as role models but we have taken a look at four extraordinary women who have dedicated their lives to helping the world become a better place. In celebration of Human Rights Day coming up, we have chosen four of the most influential women that have inspired millions of people across the globe.  Aung Sa...
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The Wardrobe on the Go

It's not a secret, Joburgers are among the busiest people in South Africa. We balance our work, kids, exercise, social lives, and all the inevitable drama that comes with the territory, but hey, we wouldn't have it any other way. Still, we could all use a few great tips to make our lives a little easier.  Read here for three ways to prepare yo...
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