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Valentine's with Fineline!

Give her her space this Valentines day... Fineline has you covered this Valentines day with 5% off Fineline products during the month of February. Contact Tanya today via email for your Valentine's Day Special quote. Please note only emailed requests qualify you for the Fineline Valentine's Day Promotion. Please use the subject heading: Valent...
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Wardrobe Hacks

We have all seen those awesome handy videos on Facebook and YouTube on how to organise a wardrobe, saving space and having everything neatly packed away. The only problem is how many of us ACTUALLY save these handy tips for the future? No worries, we have compiled a list of these handy hacks for your convenience. You are welcome!  Use chains o...
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Why Cheapest Is Not Always Best

Between all the decisions you need to make when it comes to renovations; the financial aspect, having strangers in your home, and the mess. Oh my, the mess. Therefore it is crucial that you contact a well-known company to do any revamp. Too often people go for 'the cheaper quote', but what does that actually mean? If you get three quotes from three...
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What makes Fineline Unique?

Fineline started back in 1984 and has always been a family-owned business. With a strong client base and years of experience, it is no wonder that we are still at the top of our game. Excellent customer service, quality craftsmanship and a comprehensive after sales service is what you can expect from us. A personalised service also means you will n...
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Home Renovations – Getting Started

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur – Red Adair So you find yourself wanting to renovate your home.From bathroom to bedroom to kitchen, here is what you need to know before starting: Prioritise all the rooms in your home and decide which room to start with, and in which order you want and...
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Rules for the Silly Season

​With the holiday season right around the corner, here are some guide lines for all our friends: 1. Be safe when traveling or going shopping 2. Spend time with family and friends 3. Eat good food 4. Laugh 5. Have fun 6. Be silly 7. Spring clean your home 8. Rest and relax 9. Have a pyjama day 10. Watch movies and eat popcorn 11. Do what makes you h...
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Beautiful Space Creation Wardrobes by Fineline

Fineline sliding door systems present a whole new dimension to your rooms while providing exceptional cupboard space for your modern lifestyle. Our mirror doors create spacious, lighter, brighter bedrooms. Wide opening, swish sliding door panels have transformed bedrooms and earned world-wide approval with complete safety, gaining as much as 25% mo...
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​6 Tips for Designing a Wardrobe


When you decide it is time for a new wardrobe, there are a few things to consider when you start designing: 

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The Battle of the Internals: Traditional vs. Infinity


While both ranges guarantee you excellent workmanship, quality and durability – you need to decide which range best is for you. 

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Broken Mirror Door - Now What?


 Step 1 – Just Breath:

We exclusively use safety backing film on all our Mirror and Décor Glass that meets the international and South African safety specifications standards. 

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Infinity by Fineline


To furnish night and day environments with a simple system, distinguished by great quality and technical efficiency. Floor to wall or floor to ceiling stanchions, shelves, drawer units and accessories, 

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From Ferns to Moss in the Bathroom­


A new trend these days - to have plants in your bathroom, not only do they look gorgeous with luscious green leaves, but they also offer other benefits. 

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Choosing The Right Finish For YOU


We all have different taste; therefore we offer a variety of finishes for YOU to choose from for classic sliding doors. 

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Tips For Re-Arranging Your Space


They say change is as good as a holiday, maybe it's time to change up your home by re-arranging your living room space or bedroom. 

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Fineline A-Z


Here is our A-Z list of why Fineline is the company to trust with your built in cupboards, sliding doors and organisers. 

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Did you know.........Here are some interesting facts about mirrors you might not know

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Let it go, let it go…


 As you rummage through your cupboard looking for that all important document you placed in your safe place, you realise that you should rather be calling it The Cupboard of Disarray!

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Seizing the Season to Simplify


 "Spring cleaning is not just about sorting through things and getting rid of clutter; it is an opportunity to redefine yourself."

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5 Ways to display your favourite shoes


 Why not spoil yourself and build your dream shoe cupboard...

All women love shoes, but storing them is a problem! And really, when you own something that beautiful, what's the point of keeping it hidden in the closet?

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We are a South African family-owned business, designing and installing wardrobes since 1984 and our committed (philosophy) has always been to run an ethical business with honesty, integrity and to never compromise safety or quality.


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