The clothes that we have in our cupboards allow us to express our individuality, but that wasn't always the case. Fashion has had a long and interesting history that was once dominated by men. It has taken centuries for women fashion designers to pave the way.

Read on to discover who these incredible women were and how they shaped the world of fashion.

A Brief History of Female Fashion Designers:

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Female Fashion Designers Who Transformed the World of Fashion:

Coco Chanel is famous for helping women cast off the constraints of corsets and other restrictive clothing and saying hello to comfort and style combined. She was the inventor of the LBD (little black dress), the classic Chanel suit and a range of beautiful fragrances.

Westwood has always been a punk at heart and helped to carve out the style identity for the punk movement. Her edgy style and belief for dressing to express yourself allowed for millions of youths to follow their own clothing choices.

The originator of the miniskirt, Quant is immortalised for creating original clothing that was both stylish and affordable to young women. She inspired people to have fun with their clothes and defined what could be found in wardrobes during the '60s.

This Women's Day we pay tribute to the women who inspired fashion and liberated women across the globe to give us the freedom to express ourselves through our clothing.

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