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Why you should be using eco-friendly cleaning products in your home


 They're safer, have fewer chemicals and they're environmentally friendly - eco-friendly cleaning products are the best way to clean your home.

When it comes to making the move to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way of living, people can't get enough of that 'green' lifestyle! There are lots of eco-friendly 'green' products which we can introduce into our lives, be it locally sourced organic food, recyclable goods, etc.

There is one thing, however, that people often overlook when they start pursuing a greener lifestyle: household cleaning products. Traditional, store-bought cleaning products are packed to the brim with dangerous and harmful chemicals (just read the ingredients, it's a nightmare), which you don't actually want in your home. Luckily there are more and more South African companies which are offering eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.

The benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products:

They're healthier:

Eco-friendly cleaning products are healthier for you and your family. As eco-friendly cleaning products use fewer harmful chemicals, there's less of a risk that you and the people around you will breathe them in and they are safe to use when cleaning items such as clothes. The chemicals used in everyday cleaning products can be dangerous to humans (and pets) as they can be poisonous or corrosive (causing chemical burns to your skin and eyes) and are dangerous if inhaled. Using eco-friendly cleaning products, which are made with natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals, will help minimize any risk to your family and pets.

They're good for the environment:

Certain chemicals used in household cleaning products such as ammonia are harmful to the environment and can also cause air and water pollution. Many eco-friendly cleaning products forgo chemicals which are toxic to the environment, in favour of safe, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. By focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices and by using recyclable packaging, companies that make eco-friendly cleaning products minimise the harm their products have on the environment.

They're safer to have in your home:

Regular household cleaning products contain chemicals which can be flammable and certain chemicals that are used (such as chlorine and ammonia) can, when mixed together, be incredibly dangerous to have in your home. The benefit of eco-friendly cleaning products is that instead of using harmful, potentially dangerous chemicals which are commonly found in household cleaning products, they make use of safer, natural alternatives. This makes eco-friendly cleaning products ideal for cleaning your living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.

You're supporting local industry:

There are many South African brands which sell eco-friendly cleaning products for your home. By buying from these businesses you are getting products which are manufactured locally, and which support local industries when sourcing their ingredients. By supporting local industry, you are supporting our local economy and are opting for a more sustainable 'green' lifestyle, which is better for you, your family, your home and for the environment.

Here are some local eco-friendly cleaning product brands you can try:

Beyond Green Mrs Martin's Nu-Eco Better Earth

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