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Why Braai Day is A Part of Our Heritage


What makes a braai fundamental to South African heritage? The answer lies simply in the fact that the braai is as unique as ourselves. It doesn't matter where in the world a South African may travel to, one thing is guaranteed, the braai will join them. In preparation for Braai Day (Heritage Day), we're going to take a look at how the braai become an intrinsic part of South African culture and how it grew into getting its own special day.

Quick History:

No one is certain when the first "braai" happened or who was there, it's one of many mysteries about South African history. Braais did, however, become a common method of cooking meat and a favourable pastime around the beginning of the 1800's with certain customs and traditions developing overtime and becoming common practice for braai masters everywhere. What we do know for certain is this; every South African today knows what a braai is.

What Makes a Braai Unique?

Unlike the barbecue, the braai has various common elements that allow the experience to be treasured by all South Africans. A braai is more than the boerewors and potato salad, it's the gathering of friends, family, and loved ones to share time together and catch up on recent events. A braai doesn't need a specific celebration, date, or time to happen; they can happen anywhere at any time without any reason other than to braai.

Why We Love It:

The braai carries traditions down through generations while giving each new receiver of the tongs their chance to add their own skill and artistry. There will never be two braais that are alike and every braai master has their personal preference in how his or her braai is run. It's a tradition that brings all South Africans together, unites us in one activity where all that matters is good food, good drinks, and most importantly, loved company.

Simple or sophisticated, summer or winter, the braai is a staple to South African weekends, allowing each new braai master to take up the coals and add their flavour to the tradition of the braai worldwide.

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