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Which new subjects have been added to the school curriculum? Help your child make the right subject choices.


For parents and students alike, Grade 9 offers the first major gateway to pursuing a particular career. During the year, students are encouraged to consider which subjects they want to continue for the remainder of their high school career. This decision will affect their tertiary education and ultimately their career choice, which is why taking the time to consider these subjects is so important. 

Read on to learn how to make the right decision together with your child. 

What subjects to choose:
Knowing what type of career your child wants to take on can help in choosing their elective subjects. Many universities will inform you of the high school subjects that are required for particular degrees, and what grades need to be achieved in order to be accepted into a particular field of choice. Make sure to investigate this very carefully, because should one subject be missing from the requirements, your child may not be accepted into their chosen field of study.

If your child isn't sure what they want to study after high school that's alright too. Many people will change their career paths during their lives and nothing should be set in stone when your child is 14 or 15. Consult a career psychologist to help point your child in the right direction and encourage subjects that allow for a broad range of degree opportunities. 

Changing elective subjects:
Students have the opportunity to change their elective subjects during Grades 10, 11, and 12. During Grades 10 and 11, students may change two of their chosen subjects and one subject in matric in exceptional cases, particularly if the school believes it's in the student's best interest. If your child is considering changing a subject, investigate whether the new subject is in line with the university degree requirements, why they want to change subjects, and what the teachers have to say. 

Three New subjects to be added:
There are three new subjects which will be implemented into schools nationwide which will help to expand career choices for students. These three subjects include; marine studies, computer coding, and Kiswahili. Marine studies will be implemented in 2020 which will focus on marine biology, oceanography, environmental sustainability, and the relationship between humans and the ocean. Computer coding is an essential part of our fast-paced world and will offer students the fundamentals for a greater understanding of robotics and automation. Kiswahili is the third most spoken language in Africa and will allow students to explore opportunities across the border. Get the full story here: 

What additional subjects may benefit your child, that are not included in the current syllabus?
While the school syllabus is evolving to introduce new subjects that provide a better learning foundation that caters for the rapid changes to modern society, there are a number of subjects that are omitted that are essential skills for young adults to know about. Should schools include subjects that teach students about taxes, nutritional cooking lessons and DIY home maintenance? Possibly, but these are life-skills that parents can easily assist their children to begin to understand, and provide an even better opportunity for success in their future. 

Whether or not your child knows what they want to do with the rest of their lives, taking the right subjects will help to broaden their horizons and kick start their careers. Remember there is no rush in deciding a career immediately and seeking advice from a career psychologist can help to narrow down the options. 

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