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​Where Can You Save Money?


We could all stand to save a little pocket change here and there, whether it's to make the month's expenses a little easier to manage or save up for a big holiday. The trick is knowing how and where you can save a little money here and there to add up to big savings. Here are five small ways you can save a little cash and watch the numbers add up.

1. Customer rewards programmes
The best way to make use of in-store savings is to join every customer rewards program you can. Create an email address dedicated to this plan where you can have a look at all the discounted products and saving your favourite stores are offering before your weekly shop.

2. The 30 Day rule
If you're considering a big luxury buy, think about it for 30 days. During this time ask yourself, do I need it, can I live without it, how often will I use it? If you aren't convinced by your honest answer after 30 days when the buying impulse wears off, you will know that you can save that cash instead.

3. Try generic brands
Generic and store brands are usually just as good as branded items for both medicine and food. Try using generics wherever you can and watch how much money you start saving after a month!

4. Buy in Bulk
Buying in bulk is no secret but you need to know what products are best as bulk buys and which are not. Buying non-perishables that you use often such as canned tomato or dishwashing tablets can save you a few bucks each month.

5. Plan
The most essential part of saving money is planning. Plan your weekly budget, plan your debt or loan repayments, plan an entertainment budget, plan your grocery trip like a well thought out spy mission, plan your meals if you can. Planning your finances is key to saving your money from running away.

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