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What is so Fascinating about an Open Bathroom in the Bedroom and Why this is Freaking Us Out


So a rather interesting yet disturbing trend would be the en-suite bathroom with no doors. Yes, you read that correctly, take your time to really let this sink in.

Funny how all the other bathrooms always have doors, still often the en-suite bathroom is left wide open. We get that the couple sharing the bedroom will usually be the ones using that bathroom; and while we do agree on couples sharing everything, we need to draw the line somewhere… Oh, I don't know, maybe like the entrance to the bathroom.

Imagine you are sitting in bed reading a book or watching a movie or checking your emails… and your partner is sitting on the loo.N ot quite the fairytale life you have always read about or seen in the movies. We have passwords on our phones and emails for privacy nonetheless somehow the bathroom seems to be open season.

Simply put… we think some things are better left private. 

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