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What bad habits do you have?


Bad habits, everyone has one or many and they interrupt our daily lives, sometimes our health. They can waste time and energy and prevent us from being progressive and achieving our goals.

The question arises, why do we still have them? And even more importantly, what can we do to get rid of them?

Most of the time bad habits are simply a way to deal with stress, boredom or have been a learnt behaviour from our parents. Biting nails, drinking excessively, smoking, swearing too much are a few of too many to mention.

Here are few tips to get rid of bad habits:

Substitute your bad habit with a good habit.

Whatever the habit may be, having a plan in mind about how you are going to counteract the situation is a very important way to start. Exercise is a one way to help cutdown on many unhealthy habits, it clears your mind, helps manage stress and detoxes your body. You do drink more water while you exercise and you usually end up eating healthier food. Get into a routine of exercising a few times a week, add it to your weekly planner or calendar so you don't find excuses as to why you couldn't make it.

Stay away from triggers

As the bible verse says: "If anything causes you to sin cut it out" this may sound rather harsh but in reality cutting ties with the things that lead up to unhealthy or unwanted habits must be refrained from. Whether it is a bad relationship, friends, uncontrollable drinking habit, bad language, eating disorder, stay away from them, you alone can identify what leads you to your bad habits, change your environments and you will change your outcome.

Seek help

There are many professionals who specialise in changing behavior, seeking help is not failure but rather admitting and taking a step closer to change, you and whoever you have decided to seek help from can journey with you to self-improvement.

Surround yourself with positive influences

You don't have to literally cut out all your friends but don't underestimate the power and influence of channelling the person you want to become. The old saying goes: "you hang out with two millionaires you become the third" hence involving yourself in an environment that will channel and nurture the best version of yourself is key to breaking your bad habits.

Breaking bad habits takes time and is not an easy road to take, however perseverance is worth it and it takes a strong individual to admit to their shortfalls. Many people try and fail, remember not to give up, you might not have success right away, but that doesn't mean you will not succeed.

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