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Wardrobe Woes Will Be a Thing of the Past with Fineline


Running out of storage space?

Feeling overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe or office cupboard? Is it a jumble of cluttered items? Is it difficult to find the item you need? Or are you simply looking to renovate or upgrade your bedroom or office?

Here are 4 options to consider when choosing new wardrobes and cupboards.


Utilise the services of a renowned professional wardrobe designer to custom-design you a unique wardrobe/cupboard or office cupboard solution to meet your needs.

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Home Enhancement

Custom-built wardrobes and cupboards will enhance the interior of your home, give a personal style to your home whether modern or traditional and will add more financial value to your property.

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As wardrobes and cupboards traditionally fill up much of a room's space, room size has to be considered when custom-designing your wardrobe or cupboard. So, choose from a variety of doors which are designed to maximise the feel of the room's size such as sliding or mirrored doors.

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When custom-designing your wardrobes or cupboards, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to interior and exterior finishes and fittings.

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To enhance the interior of your home and to resolve any limited or congested storage issues, it is preferable to opt for a custom-built wardrobe solution. A personalised solution that will please you aesthetically and with interior and exterior finishes and fittings chosen by yourself.

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