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Wardrobe Hacks


We have all seen those awesome handy videos on Facebook and YouTube on how to organise a wardrobe, saving space and having everything neatly packed away. The only problem is how many of us ACTUALLY save these handy tips for the future? No worries, we have compiled a list of these handy hacks for your convenience. You are welcome! 

  • Use chains or soda can tabs to loop hangers to double up on hanging space. 
  •  Cut and connect PVC Pipes to create storage for anything from socks and underwear to scarves. 
  •  Use old shoe boxes as drawer organisers. 
  •  Use an old wine box to store shoes under your bed. 
  •  Shoe trays under furniture – you can even put little wheels on the trays for easy access. 
  •  Using a glue gun or elastic bands on hangers to prevent clothing from slipping off. 
  •  Hang a nice frame on the wall with nails inside to display jewellery. 
  •  Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. 
  •  Use crown moulding as a shoe rack. 
  •  Add floating shelves to your walls. 
  •  Install a shelf above your bedroom door for towels and linen. 
  •  Hang a cork wall for jewellery storage. 
  •  Store your flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases in one pillow case from the set. 
  •  Turn all the hangers backwards. After you where something replace the hanger the correct way. After 12 months dump all the clothes still hanging   backwards. 
  •  Create a magnetic board and store make up, tweezers or jewellery. 
  •  Ice cube trays are ideal to store earrings, rings and bracelets. 
  •  Peg boards to hang bags, hats and belts. 
  •  Use bed risers to create storage space under your bed. 
  •  Hang a laundry bag behind your bedroom door to save on floor space. 
  • Keep your boots upright by stuffing them with pool noodles cut to size. Plastic water bottles and wine bottles work well too.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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