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The Ideal Entertainment Area


There are few things better in life than spending fun times with family and friends. The key to hosting a great party would be to have a great entertainment area. Let's have a look at a few points to consider: 

Ensure you have enough COMFORTABLE seating available. No one wants to sit on uncomfortable chairs the whole evening. 

A coffee table or other kind of easily accessible surface area works wonders, you don't want your guests to put their drinks on the floor.

Ventilation and Covered Area
If there is a fire going or if you have smokers, there has to be enough ventilation. It is horrible struggling to breath and trying to enjoy the event. That being said; also be prepared for cold weather or rain. 

The music at any party is very important and this point can't be stressed enough… it is called background music for a reason! If the music is too loud people won't be able to sit and talk, they will have to shout to be heard. Keep the volume low. A nice idea is to have everyone pick a few songs to play, that way everyone will be happy with the choice of music. 

Snacks and Drinks
If you want people to help themselves, then have everything within easy reach and on inviting platters. A drinks fridge in your entertainment area will make your guests feel fine with helping themselves. 

Keep to the Entertainment Area
Keeping your party to the entertainment area means less cleaning for you later. Try to avoid people roaming all over your home. If there are kids playing, have a dedicated play area for them. 

While it is nice to clean up as you go, if you spend the whole evening cleaning instead of entertaining your guests, they might start to feel uncomfortable. Washing a few things after making a salad is fine, immediately washing all the dishes just as people finish the last bite… not a good idea. 

Creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere will ensure your guests having a nice time. By following the steps listed above, you're sure to have a party with a wonderful atmosphere. 

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