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Imagine if there was a key feature to a room that had the ability to tie all the decorative elements together while providing the illusion of space with a simple slide. Well, sliding mirror doors are a reality and can benefit your need for space in multiple ways. Read on and discover how sliding mirror doors can easily add the feel of more space to your bedroom, living area, or bathroom and make them more enjoyable.

1. Save Space
Saving space has become a priority for homeowners, especially in the bedroom. Sliding wardrobe doors give you easy access to all your clothing. Without the need for additional space to open and close on an outdated hinged mechanism, sliding wardrobe doors are ideal for the bedroom while making it feel much larger and far more luxurious.

2. Add Depth
Adding mirrors on your sliding wardrobe doors or room dividers create noticeable depth to any room. This is because the mirrors convey the sensation of more space by reflecting the room back showing off more space than is actually there. Mirrors will also add more natural light into any room, brightening up dark corners and lifting moods. With easily customisable options for your unique needs, sliding mirror doors can be designed to suit your interior design and lifestyle.

3. Where they Work Best
Sliding doors aren't just for the bedroom! They work brilliantly as room dividers, wardrobes, and as doors to bathrooms. A smaller room with a compact design will benefit greatly from sliding doors because less space is required to open and close them.

Wherever you require sliding doors, Fineline has a solution for you. Our customisation options will work to bring your room life. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for an obligation free quote and let us transform your cramped room into a spacious haven.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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