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Simple tips to redesign your bedroom


Add space

Rearranging your furniture or adding sliding mirror cupboard doors can completely transform the cluttered space into a relaxing, light environment.


Your bedroom should be inviting and the one place in your home that allows you to unwind and rejuvenate. Design and decor colours should speak serenity, peace and relaxation, using colours such as Balsa, Beach, Walnut or Chobe woodgrains or Windsor Grey when designing custom wardrobes decor doors can add a natural and modern feel.

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Cut Out Clutter

Clear out and organise your shoes, clothing and draws, a good clear out will help the overall space feel cleaner and give you more room to add more classic clothing items to your wardrobe. Accessorize with simple decor and add a splash of seasonal, trendy colour, but in keeping the space neat and tidy while doing this.


Lighting is a key element in any room but is especially important when thinking about creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in one's bedroom, adding bedside lamps can or elegant wall-mounted lights. Make sure your wardrobe is properly lit up to ensure that you can see all your clothing while getting dressed.

Think about your floor.

Like changing out your duvet, adding or changing a rug or carpet can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room, getting creative with different colour patterns is a good way to bring life into your room. Who doesn't want to wake up to something soft and comfy under their feet? Rugs are a fantastic way to pull a room together and don't be afraid to add a few layers to give the space a comfortable and relaxed feel.


Don't forget about your walls! Painting, wallpapering, or hanging artwork on your walls can have a major and instant impact on the look and feels of your space. Art can be used to reflect your passions and interests and should be uniquely displayed.

If you're not confident about how to design your bedroom and where to source affordable wardrobe or and décor, Fineline solutions, can help you create a beautiful bedroom wardrobe design, we manufacture customisable sliding mirror doors, sliding wardrobe doors, and double-sided doors. We also manufacture traditional wardrobes, infinity organisers and infinity display units.

If you're looking for a custom wardrobe solution that makes the most of your space

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