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Preparing Kids for the New School Year


 Heading back to school after a long, relaxing holiday can be a big adjustment for both kids and parents. This is especially true if there is a big transition between grades or schools. The trick to avoid unnecessary stress for you and your child is a little preparation and forethought. Here are five ways to prepare your kids for school and have a smooth first day back.

1. Let them know what to expect:
For smaller children, going to school for the first time or graduating from Grade R to Grade One the first day back can be a difficult one, and let's face it parents, who really remembers how terrifying their first day was? Before walking them into the school grounds, make sure they know what to expect whether it's a new class, a new teacher, or a new school altogether.

2. Double check uniforms:
Before the last few days of holiday vanish and it's time to undertake the morning rush, take some time to ensure your kids' uniforms are in the best condition possible. Make sure each item fits comfortably and they are stain and hole-free. Buying a new piece of the uniform on the day school begins is not a task you or your kids will want to endure.

3. Plan out the lunches:
Before school begins, sit them down and plan their school lunches together. Remember to include a few healthy and yummy snacks that they particularly enjoy. Not only will this help them to get excited about the upcoming school year, but it will also help make your life a little easier with some effective meal planning.

4. Stationery and book shopping:
Most schools will send out a stationary and book list long before school begins; but when the mad rush of getting kids prepared for the year ahead, some books and stationery supplies seem to run a little thin. Make sure to pre-order the textbooks and get some extra stationery supplies for the items that disappear or run out quickly during the back to school sales.

5. Start getting the routine back:
Start encouraging a healthy sleeping pattern a few days before school begins. For many families, school holidays allow for a few freedoms such as staying up late and sleeping in a little longer. If the sleeping routine isn't properly established by the first day of school, your kids will be exhausted and grumpy making saying goodbye a lot more difficult.

It will never be easy to send your kid off for his or her first day of school, but with these five steps, the preparation may be a little simpler.

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