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Pack the Winter Woolies Away to Save Wardrobe Space


Why should you pack away your winter clothing? Well, not only does it help make room for your summer clothes, but it also helps to keep your winter wardrobe in shape and let it last longer because everyone knows that cashmere jersey didn't come cheap. If you want to get the most out of your winter woolies and keep them in tip-top shape, read on and learn the most effective way to store your clothing for next season.

Clean and repair:

Before you start to pack away your jerseys and jackets, make sure to give every item of clothing a good clean. Dirty clothing containing deodorant, perfume, skin cream, skin oils, perspiration, and general grime can lead to your clothing becoming moldy, contaminated by mildew, and attractive to pests. Make sure to clean your entire winter wardrobe before storing, including your winter shoes and boots. You will also want to make any repairs to your garments such as small holes or missing buttons so they are ready for next winter.

Separate and donate:

Go through your winter wardrobe and decide what you would like to keep for next season and what you'd like to donate to those in need. Winter is a difficult time for those less fortunate and your donations can help those in need when the cold weather comes. Sorting and donating your unwanted winter clothes will also give you less to store and help to keep your wardrobe well organised.

Store the big items:

Start by storing your larger items of clothing such as heavy jackets and thick woolen jerseys. Place all your non-delicate clothing items into plastic bins and wrap all your delicate clothing in tissue paper. Make sure to properly fold, zip up, and button each item of clothing to ensure it maintains its shape while being stored. You can help your boots keep their shape through summer by inserting boot trees (or cut-to-size pool noodles) before storage.

Store the accessories:

Storing away your winter accessories such as gloves, beanies, scarves, and winter socks are fairly simple. Make sure they have been washed properly and dried, then store them where you have space available.

With a properly stored winter wardrobe, washed and repaired, and any unwanted clothing donated, you can relax this summer knowing that come next winter, your clothes will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy for another season.

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