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Organise Your Shoes This Summer


Everyone loves their shoe collection, whether it's predominantly Jimmy Choos, Converse All-Stars or every colour of Mr Price ballerina pumps since 1999, we try to take care of them to the best of our abilities but the problem comes in when we can't seem to keep them orangised. It can be devastating when we can't find that one pair that we particularly wanted to wear and the awful thought of, 'maybe I should donate some shoes' crosses our minds. Let's face it, you're not being unreasonable; shoes are expensive and you've invested a lot of time and money into building your collection. Here are the top five ways to keep your shoes organised this summer.

1. Keep shoes off the floor and in the Wardrobe:

After a long day, there are few things that feel just as good as kicking off your shoes and sitting down to your favourite television show or a brilliant book. This good feeling can be a trap to those of us who aren't the neatest people as the piles of kicked off shoes seem to grow all by themselves. Ensuring your shoes are always neatly packed away won't only help to keep your home looking neater, but will help keep your shoes organised and in better shape for longer.

2. Avoid unattractive wire racks:

While storage is a premium, you want your alternative method of storing shoes to be as attractive and in tune with who you are as the shoes themselves. Wire racks are generally a no-go for shoe storage, not just because they're unattractive, but if they're not properly constructed, the sharp pieces of wire at the corners can snag the fabric or leather on your shoes.

3. Sort by frequency:

If you have deep set wardrobes, organising your shoes so they can sit in front of each other is a blessing. One of the biggest secrets to keeping your wardrobe neat and tidy is to sort them by frequency: most used at the front and to the right (or left if you're left-handed), and least worn to the back left (or back right if you're left-handed). This means you don't need to go digging about your collection to get the shoes you wear most often.

4. Heels overhead:

Many women are head over heels for high heeled shoes and it's not difficult to understand why; they are beautifully designed. As pretty as they are, they can become a nightmare to keep in the correct place in your wardrobe. Unless you have a wardrobe specifically designed for high heels, storing them at the top of your wardrobe is an effective way to save space and keep them organised.

5. Decide if your wardrobe is big enough:

At some point, you may need to bite the bullet and take a look at whether your wardrobe is, in fact, big enough to store your enviable shoe collection. You can get external storage systems, donate the shoes you will probably never wear again, or invest in a larger wardrobe. Deciding on increasing your wardrobe size has more benefits than external storage systems. A new wardrobe can be designed to suit your unique needs if you need more hanging space, folded clothing space, drawers, storage space or shoe display. A custom built or upgraded wardrobe may be your answer. Not only can the internal be made to your needs, but the exterior can easily be made to complement your interior design style as well.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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