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Organise Your Kids' Holiday Calendar in Advance


School holidays can be a dream come true as a break from the morning madness and traffic is often well deserved for both kids and their parents. For many parents working from 9 to 5, however, the problem of what to do with your kids during the break can be incredibly stressful. The trick is to organise their school holiday calendar and here are five tips for a stress-free school break.

1. Plan Ahead

Getting ahead of the curve for the school holidays is a vital step to proper planning and enjoying the time together without feeling overwhelmed. For most parents, the holidays tend to sneak up quietly and suddenly we find ourselves needing to get organised.

Plan a kid-friendly holiday, book somewhere you can relax… Finding out what kids in the neighbourhood will be doing during the holidays may give you a few days off, just remember that you may need to return the favour.

You may also want to look into holiday clubs or sports camps near you if you have a heavy workload in these final months of the year. Holiday clubs start filling up around three weeks before the school holidays begin so booking your child a spot early on will be beneficial.

2. Consider Your Budget

Plan your budget and stick to it. The days won't need to be packed with a wide variety of expensive and lavish activities filling each hour. Home crafts, home movies watched from a pillow fort, play dates with their friends in the area, playing in the garden are perfect activities for children to enjoy during their school holidays. There is also a selection of places to take the children on outings which won't cost you an arm and a leg, such as public parks.

3. Relaxation vs Stimulation

Keep in mind that the holidays are for kids to get some rest in between the school terms. There needs to be a balance between fun and stimulating activities as well as some calm days where relaxing and recharging are the main focus. This will also take the pressure off you as you won't need to plan a jam-packed schedule with every minute focused on fun.

4. Making Memories

Children remember small consistent things done together as a family. Think back to the family traditions you loved or hated growing up; did you go camping at the same venue year after year and probably in the same lot? Playing cards at the coast on a rainy afternoon. The small things can give children a sense of family tradition and memories they will look back on for the rest of their lives.

5. Plan Together

Not only will planning the holidays with your children give you a well of ideas for what to do with them over the school holidays, but it is also a wonderful way to bond and prevent any disagreements when the holidays actually begin. Few things are as exhausting as planning an activity that you thought they'd love only to have a temper tantrum to deal with when the day arrives.

The school holidays don't need to be a war of calendars and conflicting play dates. With a little forethought and planning, these holidays can run as smoothly as an intern who learnt how to use the office espresso machine.

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