There are very few things that are as annoying than a foggy mirror when you're trying to get yourself ready for your day. You can leave it to defog slowly or give it a quick wipe to clear the fog, leaving water stains on the glass... Neither of these options seems ideal, but what if there was a third option?

Read on and learn the science behind fogged-up mirrors, how to clean them so they stay defogged and what else you can use this handy life-hack for!

Why mirrors fog up

There's nothing better than a hot, steamy shower but it's that delightful steam which is causing your mirrors to fog up. As the steam rises in the air, it is attracted to the cold surface of the glass and clings to the mirror's surface. As millions of microscopic water droplets sit on the surface of the mirror, the light begins to bend on them and the mirror appears foggy. So how do you prevent this?

Shaving cream and newspaper... A quick fix to prevent your mirror from fogging up is simple shaving cream (not shaving gel) and a ball of newspaper. Apply a small amount of shaving cream to the mirror, spread it around the mirror's surface and wipe away with the ball of newspaper. You'll notice that your mirror won't be foggy after you try this hack. How does it work? The ingredients in the shaving cream create a thin film over the mirror. This film disrupts the surface tension of the water vapour, preventing them from catching the light in a way that looks foggy.

What else can you clean with shaving cream?

This shaving cream hack isn't just for the bathroom mirror, in fact, it can help to clean and defog a wide range of items. Apply shaving cream to the mirror in your wardrobes and cupboards for a brilliant sheen and use as a gentle cleaning agent on sliding mirror doors. It can be used to prevent car windows and windscreens from appearing foggy in the mornings. You can also use shaving cream as a gentle cleaner for jewellery, oven glass, windows, shower doors and appliance surfaces.

Say goodbye to foggy mirrors in your home with a quick wipe of shaving cream and allow your bathroom mirrors, sliding mirror doors and home decor mirrors to work their interior design magic.