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Is your child a victim of a nasty bully?


Bullying can exist in many forms - it can be physical, verbal, psychological and emotional. Learning how to spot it and how to protect your children from bullies is very important.

Here are some tips to help your kids deal with bullies.

Is my child a victim?

The first step to dealing with bullies is identifying whether your child is a victim. Bullying symptoms may include depression, physical injuries as well as your child being constantly worried and not wanting to go to school.

Talk to your child

Ask questions and get your kids talking about their social situation. Knowing which friends they get along with and which ones they don't is very helpful. Establishing good communication is a good way to help your kids open up about their experiences.

Peer pressure

As kids get older, they encounter many forms of peer pressure, educating your children about negative influences and be aware of any changes to their behaviour and habits. Take the time to have a quiet one-on-one dinner or lunch with your child or go out for an activity that they enjoy, even if it's walking the dog in the park. When kids feel relaxed and comfortable they will confide in you.

Build self-confidence

The better your child feels about themself, the less likely the bullying will affect their self-esteem. Encourage hobbies, extracurricular activities, and social experiences that bring out the best in your children. Compliment your kids on their unique qualities and reinforce positive behaviours that you would like to see more of. Honouring their strengths and encouraging healthy connections with others can affect self-esteem, increase your kids' long-term confidence, and prevent bullying.

Encourage your child to take a stand

Being an upstander means a child takes positive action when they see a friend or another student being bullied. Ask your child how it feels to have someone stand up for them, and educate them about how one person can make a difference.

Contact the Offender's Parents

This is the right approach only for persistent intimidation, and when you feel the parents will be receptive to working in a cooperative manner with you, contact them and make it clear that your goal is to resolve the matter together. If the parent is not interested in communication with you then contact the school for their advice and possible intervention.

Be sure to take the matter seriously and most importantly provide solutions to help your kids deal with bullies.

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