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Indoor Plants: Stylish and Healthy


Indoor plants, either on your desk or in your home, have accompanied interior design and home decor for generations. Their beautiful greenery gives any room a fresh and healthy look while bringing a little organic certain something which we all love. Indoor plants, however, don't just stop working at making a room a chic and pleasant location to be in, they also provide us with a range of health benefits! So, if you're still on the fence as to whether or not you should bring a little botanical delight inside, read these four advantages to your health from our little green friends.

Plants provide fresh air:

Every child knows that fresh air is produced by trees and other plants, but did you know that certain house plants actually scrub the air of harmful toxins? NASA carried out a study using several common indoor plants and found that they help to wash the air of poisons such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene.

Natural humidifiers:

Breathing in dry air can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to those with weaker respiratory systems. The good news is that plants can help put a little bit of moisture back into the air and making breathing a lot more comfortable.

Free fragrance:

We all want our homes to smell lovely and so many of us will spend a lot of money on air fresheners and automatic aerosol dispensers, but have you ever stopped to look what these products contain? While convenient, commercial air fresheners contain many concentrated, harmful chemicals. In fact the cans have a warning label recommending that the product not be inhaled! Good thing these products aren't the only option available. There's a wonderful variety of fragrant indoor plants that can keep your home fresh and chemical-free while adding to your personal style of decor.

Improve your mental health:

There's no denying the benefits that indoor plants provide. They fill us with a sense of purpose, increase our positivity and decrease our stress. Plants have also been shown to help hospital patients heal faster and ease the burden of depression. There are few things more rewarding than watching a plant you've cared for grow and bloom.

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