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How to Survive Load Shedding This Winter


South Africans are no strangers to load shedding, many of us grew up seeing it as a wintertime inevitability, but that doesn't mean you need to let it get you down. While nobody is thrilled about the rolling blackouts, there are a few things that can help you get through them without too much despair. Here are a few tips to help you and your family get through the hours when the lights are out. 

• Keep a schedule of the expected load shedding times in a place where everyone can see it and prepare for the outage. You can download the schedule here:
• Keep all necessary devices, such as cell phones and laptops charged before the power goes off.
• Fill a large flask with boiling water just before the power is due to be turned off.
• Try to prepare your meal before the power is turned off, otherwise you will need to go out or order in.
• Unplug and switch off all your appliances to avoid damage from an unexpected power surge.
• Stock up on candles, matches, torches, and batteries to help you navigate your home at night.
• Invest in a portable power bank to charge cell phones and other small devices in case the power is out for longer than a day.
• Make sure your security system, electric fence, and gate have a battery backup so your safety and movements aren't affected by the power outage.
• Purchase a small gas heater to keep warm during the evenings.
• If your budget is big enough, invest in a generator to keep the essentials running, there are also a few companies which will rent out generators.
• Load shedding doesn't have to be a night of darkness and boredom, with some fun board games, playing cards, or maybe even some ghost stories, you can turn the rolling blackouts into a great family bonding experience and great memories. 

While nobody looks forward to load shedding, South Africans are resilient. A little prep and a good sense of humour will help the nights seem a little brighter with your loved ones.
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