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How to Store Your Summer Clothing


It is never too early to prepare your strategy for packing away your summer wardrobe and preparing for the winter ahead. If you're excited to bring out your favourite coats and cosy jerseys, then here are the four steps for an efficient wardrobe swap.

Clean your clothing:
Start by removing all your summer clothes from your wardrobe and laying them out on your bed. Ensure that you wash everything properly, as traces of deodorant, perfume, skin oils, food, and moisture will easily attract pests and encourage mould. This can lead to your clothing becoming damaged or discoloured while it is stored away.

Separate and donate:
Work through your clothing and your family's clothing as well. Make two piles and decide what will stay for the next season and what can be donated. Clothing that is now too small or large, or hasn't been worn for a while, can be donated to your favourite charity or handed down to other family members.

Sanitize your wardrobe:
For the brief period while your winter woolies are still in storage and your summer wardrobe is out for washing and sorting, take the time to clean out your wardrobe thoroughly. Vacuum any dust and debris that may have found its way in there and give the shelves and drawers a sanitizing wipe down. Creating a clean space for your clothes to be stored makes a huge difference to their longevity.

Prioritise your winter shop:
Once your summer clothing is ready to replace the winter clothes in storage, make note of any additions you think will be needed for the next season. At the beginning of winter, many stores will have specials on their remaining summer collections, and knowing exactly what you are looking before hitting the sales wracks will save you time and money.

Use clever storage systems:
Ensuring that you have the right type of storage for your clothing is important to ensure a long life for your favourite garments. A new wardrobe with sufficient space is essential for storing your clothing and can help to keep your bulky containers out of sight. Remember to label the containers with their items for easy access in case you need something during winter. Take a look here at a wide selection of affordable storage solutions from West Pack Lifestyle:

With an effective game plan in place, you can rest assured that switching out your seasons' wardrobes will be a streamlined and enjoyable process.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.

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