The thought of sharing a wardrobe with someone, even if it is your significant other, can be rather daunting; bringing to mind nightmarish visions of being unable to find your clothes which are hidden under disorderly piles of your partner's clothes and having all your things squashed into one tiny corner, while your partner's things take up 90% of the available space.

Fortunately, sharing a cupboard with someone does not necessarily have to be a nightmare and if you follow these steps to successful wardrobe space-sharing, you'll not only be able to share the space equally but also avoid heated cupboard arguments and any mess-related stress.

Step 1:

It is really important that you and your partner organise your cupboard space together. By making the decisions together you will ensure that the space is divided equally and fairly, so that both parties have a say in how things are done and are happy with the final product. This will ultimately prevent any friction between the two of you at a later stage.

Step 2:

Splitting the space equally is the simplest way to approach dividing up wardrobe space. If you and your partner or roommate have a similar amount of clothes, then an equal divide is the easiest and fairest way to divide your cupboard space. If, however, there is a vast difference in how many clothes you or your partner have, then you may have to come to a compromise with space. If that is the case, then it is important to discuss this so as to ensure that both parties are comfortable and happy with how the space is divided up.

Step 3:

It is crucial that you both lay down the ground rules from day one. More often than not when sharing a wardrobe, you'll quickly find that one person is far messier than the other which can cause disagreements later on. It is important then, to lay down some general ground rules about organisation, tidiness and how things should be kept, which both parties can agree on. This includes things like not leaving clothes on the floor and always respecting each other's individual spaces.

Step 4:

Add shelf dividers, storage boxes and any other closet accessory that will help to keep you and your partner/roommate's things separate and organised. Closet accessories can also help make the most of your space. Closet organisers such as shelf dividers are a great way to split shared shelves evenly in half, so that you can easily locate your own things.

Step 5:

If you have any storage boxes or shoe boxes, make sure that they are labelled clearly, so that it is easy to tell whose stuff is in the box.

Follow these simple wardrobe sharing steps to avoid any clothes-related conflict and unnecessary mess stress.

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