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How to Dress for Success


Moving up in the corporate world or getting a new job is an exciting and monumental achievement. Making sure that you make the most of your new position will take a little more than just hard work and determination, it will take a little fashion sense as well. If you're wondering what your new wardrobe should look like for your new, empowered position, look no further than this guide to the His and Hers business wardrobe.

For Her:

While women may have more options for business attire than men, having too many choices can be problematic. You are expected to look professional, yet at the same time embrace your femininity. This can be tricky but with these items in your wardrobe, you're guaranteed to be the fashion-forward business tycoon.

  1. A well-fitted blazer: Nothing says professional and demonstrates confidence like a well-fitted blazer. Make sure that this item is in your business wardrobe, especially for important meetings and interviews.
  2. The interview/business meeting dress: You may be in the business world but showing off your feminine side with sophistication is a must.
  3. Comfortable and work appropriate slacks: In the working world, slacks are a must. Make sure you have a comfortable pair of business slacks made of cotton or wool in your wardrobe.
  4. Comfortable low heels: The heel is the standard shoe choice for hard-working professional women. Make sure they are kitten or low heels so you will be comfortable wearing them all day.
  5. Neutral flats: While heels may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of corporate footwear, having a few pairs of neutral, elegant ballerina pumps should be in your wardrobe for casual days without meetings.
  6. Neutral trench coat: During the colder winter months or rainy summer days, a trench coat will serve you better in the working world far more than a bulky jersey or hoodie.
  7. A basic and versatile white t-shirt: A plain white and well-fitted t-shirt is a perfect choice if you choose to wear a long tie-mimicking necklace and blazer. Its simplicity won't make your business style appear too chaotic.
  8. Elegant blouse: There are few items of clothing more professional and still feminine that an elegant blouse, keep a few of these on hand in your wardrobe.
  9. Slimming button-up shirt: More commonly used by men, the button-up shirt has been the business standard attire for decades. Having a couple of these ironed and neatly hung in your wardrobe will make the glass ceiling a little thinner.
  10. Sharp pencil skirt: This has been a business woman's best friend since the dawn of The Businesswoman. Sophisticated, professional and flattering, this item will always be an absolute must have.
  11. Professional accessories: It's no secret that women love accessories, but in the business world there is a defined limit to the glam. Choose a few accessories that are subtle yet stylish. A slim watch, a necklace that resembles a tie, or a pair of petit studs will help you feel like the goddess you are without having over-the-top bling.
  12. Roomy work bag: Every business woman needs a bag that works as both a handbag and a laptop bag. Find one that suits your personal style, which can carry everything you need, and is suited to a professional environment.

For Him:

For men, options for the business wardrobe were once very limited; suit, tie, and polished shoes. However, the world is moving forward and with industries growing and new trends becoming the norm, the male business wardrobe has become far more accommodating. Make sure you have these eight items in your wardrobe to suit every occasion for your professional life.

  1. Classic dark suit: Many industries are moving away from the strict suit and tie uniform, but ensuring you have one or two on hand is vital for important functions and meetings.
  2. Tie: The tie is and always will be a standard part of the men's business wardrobe. Although you may not wear them every minute of every day, it's still a good item to have on hand for when the occasion calls.
  3. Dress shirts: High quality, crisp dress shirts are a must for the corporate wardrobe. Wear them with the classic dark suit for a formal meeting or business events or with jeans for a business casual look. The dress shirt is the main contender for your corporate wardrobe.
  4. Leather dress shoes: To finish the formal side of the business wardrobe, every man needs a pair of high-quality leather shoes, polished and presentable.
  5. Linen pants and khakis: In the new corporate world, formal business attire is no longer a must for every day. Being comfortable is just as important for your work ethic as being presentable. Linen and khaki slacks are an acceptable part of the business casual wardrobe.
  6. Dark jeans: In the same line as khakis and linen pants, dark jeans have become a standard item for business casual. Dress the jeans up with the tailored jacket for a more formal look.
  7. Sports shirts: On the days which call for less formal clothing, a comfortable and simple sports shirt over suit pants, khakis, or linen slacks is a common combination in the world of business.
  8. Suede shoes: Just as the sports shirt and different options for pants provide an alternative to the formal, dress business clothing, suede shoes give the casual option for footwear. Available in fun colours and creative stitching techniques, make sure you have a pair of these on hand for a modern, less formal shoe option to leather.

Whether you're looking for a few updates to your corporate wardrobe or a new business ensemble all together, make sure these items are available to you for when you need them. Remember that each company will have a different culture you will need to dress for, so use what you saw other employees wearing when you went in for your interview as an indicator to how you should purchase upgrade your wardrobe.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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