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Handy hacks to get more space in your cupboard.


We all want a larger cupboard/wardrobe with the hanging space, shelving and floor space that our clothes deserve. So, while we wait for the day when we can have that designer walk-in wardrobe of our own – here are a few handy tricks that you can use to maximise your storage space and organise your cupboard like a pro!

An organised cupboard saves time, space & money

Having an organised cupboard will help to save you both time and storage space as it helps you keep up to date with what clothes you have and which items you wear often. Organising your wardrobe at the beginning of each season can also help to save you money as going through your clothes will help you establish what you need to buy, thus preventing you from buying clothes you simply don't have space for.

Cupboard Organising Hack #1 - Hanging your clothes vertically

Hanging some of your shorter clothing items such as skirts, shirts and pants; can easily double your hanging space.

Here are three inexpensive and creative ways in which to do this:

1. The chain and S hook: you can attach an S hook to the rail in your wardrobe and then add a length of chain. Once you have attached the chain you can simply hang your clothes hangers through the holes in the chain for easy vertical storage.

2. The can-tab method: In this simple yet effective trick, you use the tabs found on cooldrink cans and slide one over the hook on a coat hanger in order to create a strong and convenient place where you can hang another hanger.

3. Install an extra rail: A quick and easy way to double your wardrobe space is to install an additional rail in your cupboard.

Cupboard Organising Hack #2 - Save on your wardrobe floor space

If you have more handbags and shoes than your cupboard has space for and if you're not ready to part with any of them, then you may just find yourself in need of some additional floor space. To get that much needed extra floor space why not try installing tension rods and rails in your wardrobe, this creates another level where you can store your shoes. To get a better idea of how to do this, check out this quick tutorial:

While getting your cupboard organised might seem like a daunting task, you'll know it was worth it when you open those doors and see your clothes in all their organised glory.

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