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Fineline's Goals for the Year Ahead


2019 has come and we're ready to get into the swing of things with a few new goals. We love our work, especially when we see our clients overjoyed smiles the moment they see their new wardrobe, organiser or room divider. For this reason, we have decided there are three goals we would like to achieve this year, and here they are.

1. Staying up to date with the latest trends:
It's no secret that trends become outdated as quickly as they had appeared and keeping up to date with what's hot and what's not can be a full-time job. Fineline believes that maintaining a knowledge of what's trending in interior design is the key to finding timeless interiors. This year, we will continue to stay on top of the most loved trends so our clients never have to have an outdated wardrobe or organiser design.

2. Beautifying homes across South Africa:
Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home, a place they can be proud to come back to every day and say 'this is mine'. So why not make it truly YOUR style? Fineline is looking forward to creating beautiful wardrobes and wall dividers we're known for from Cape Town to Durban to Johannesburg and beyond. With custom designs and quality installation, we're looking forward to achieving this goal.

3. Getting you organised with Infinity and beyond:
For many people, storage is at a premium, and those who do have space often don't have quality storage solutions designed to make their lives easier. Fineline's Infinity Organisers, Infinity Display Units and Traditional Wardrobes are ready to do all the work in organising your life and freeing you from cluttered living spaces. Our storage and organisation solutions are 100% customisable to suit your home and lifestyle, regardless of how much or how little space you have available.

From keeping up with the latest trends to ensuring our clients get the best wardrobes or organiser solutions possible, it's easy to see that Fineline's main goal for 2019 is maintaining client satisfaction.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy. Contact us for all your built in wardrobes, organisers and sliding door solutions.

Call Tanya on 011 477 5408 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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