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Imagine if we all had the same tastes and styles, everyone would eat the same food, dress the same way and decorate their home with identical decor. Boring! One of the greatest spices to life is variety, a way to express ourselves through the way our homes look. That is why Fineline has taken the time to design and develop a huge variety for our clients to enjoy their wonderful and unique style.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

Sliding wardrobe doors create space saving solutions incorporating panels of: mirror, decor glass, wood grain melamine, veneers, wallpapers, spray painted boards and sandblasted glass to help you bring your dream wardrobe design to life.

Sliding Mirror Doors:

Sliding mirrors doors provide a delightful range of benefits to compliment any room including: optimal space usage, fantastic storage options, the illusion of a larger room, more natural light, an elegant, stylish and sophisticated decor option and an easy to use wardrobe door.

Double Sided Doors:

Fineline's double sided sliding doors are designed in most of the wonderful variations of our sliding wardrobe doors but with the rest of the home in mind. Use them as entrance doors to walk in dressers, en-suite doors or room dividers to bring in stylish design into your home.

Whether your personal taste in style leans more towards the contemporary or traditional decor trends, Fineline will help you to create your dream wardrobe or double-sided door and bring it to life.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.

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We are a South African family-owned business, designing and installing wardrobes since 1984 and our committed (philosophy) has always been to run an ethical business with honesty, integrity and to never compromise safety or quality.


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