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Extra-murals for Your Kids


For many decades, kids have enjoyed a wide range of extra-murals that cater to their interests and help them to develop particular skills. However, many parents often notice a trend with their children that they seem to chop and change between activities too often. Children will make these choices based on what's popular with their friends, rather than what they might truly excel at. 

Read on to learn about the developmental importance of extra-murals and discover what you need to know about finding the right activities for your child. 

The Benefits:
Each teacher you meet will tell you the same key truth about extramural activities, that they can really benefit your child and help to develop sporting & cultural hobbies that can stick for life. Extra-murals have shown to help promote a child's confidence, stimulate them intellectually, help them develop emotionally, and build character. Being given the opportunity to grow within their passions, whether it be in the arts or through sports, allowing them to discover more about themselves and find their niche is very important. 

Sports vs The Arts:
Having a balance between extra-murals that focus on both sports and the arts provides a balance between physical and mental development. Encouraging your child to take part in one cultural and one physical extramural activity is a fun way to create this balance. There are a wide variety of extra-murals which can cater to each child's individual needs and interests. Encouraging them to take part in the decision-making process and selecting their preferred options, provides a stronger connection to where they spend their time. 

Exploration Year:
Young children will often want to change the activities they take part in based on what their friends are doing. Giving them the opportunity to find what they are most interested in will help them to find their niche and what they truly enjoy doing. Allow your child to explore different extracurricular activities and find out which ones they enjoy the most, not simply following the popular choice their friends make. 

When is Changing Ok?
As each person grows, they learn to explore new interests, hobbies, and opportunities. What may have interested them at the age of six may not interest them any more when they are 10. If your child wishes to take up a new afternoon activity and has shown previous interest, it may be worth exploring. It is a big extra investment for a parent to undertake so buying new musical instrument each term is not an option. Speak to the music teacher or head of sports of the school and ask them to help you find the right extra mural for your child. 

The advantages of extra-murals are unquestionable and have even shown to help with academics. They will keep your child busy and stimulated during the afternoons and help them learn new skills and responsibilities. Ask your child's school what activities they provide and other parents for recommendations on extra-murals offered outside of the school. 

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