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Elegant Infinity Home organisers to inspire you


Clutter! Clutter! Just everywhere - in your lounge, in your bedroom - and it really is getting too much to endure!

But be calm, take a moment, close your eyes and visualise:

Opening your wardrobe doors to a picture of beautiful orderliness
- your clothes hanging neatly
- your jerseys and denim jeans organised in smart stacks on shelves
- your shoes arrayed neatly in pairs on shoe racks
- one drawer open to reveal a series of your T-shirts all perfectly rolled in colour order
- another fitted with a slotted organiser separating your underwear, belts and socks
- another with your precious jewellery items split deftly into the organiser compartments and
- on the inside of the cupboard door, an over-the-door shoe organiser with its pockets packed with your ties, scarves and other miscellanea.

AND then visualise:

Your living room, now empty of all that annoying clutter, with a beautiful designer display unit against one wall arraying all your special, sentimental artefacts - family photos, pretty ornaments and trinkets, favourite indoor plant in its artistic pot, your numerous magazines and prized books neatly stacked - on stylish shelves.

WOW! Aren't you impressed? Don't these "pictures" inspire you? Wouldn't you like these to declutter your own home? If only…!

Well, look no further, Fineline Solutions' Infinity Range will do the trick! It's on trend with the latest in interior design and, consisting of strong durable aluminium floor to wall or floor to ceiling stanchions, shelves, drawer units and accessories, it is a classy, elegant storage solution for your home, or office or store.

Being fully adjustable, our Infinity Range can be customised to meet your home dimensions and storage needs perfectly. With the wide choice of fine finishes such as wood effect finished colours, mirror, glazed or decorative glass, our Infinity Range can be tailored to complement the interior design of any environment.

With our Infinity Organiser, a sophisticated wardrobe interior storage system, you will be amazed at its numerous possibilities for organising your clothes - no overspills from the drawers, no more rummaging for "missing" items, and no more delays or grumpy moods in the morning.

View our stunning Infinity Organiser options here:

Complement your Infinity Organiser with a sleek, wood-based or mirror, sliding wardrobe door to add ultra-modern styling to your bedroom space. You will LOVE it! For our sliding wardrobe door options, visit:

For an elegant and aesthetically pleasing display unit or room divider in your lounge, or office, install an Infinity Display Unit. Adjust it to suit your display needs and functions and, with its wide choice of classy components, it will be a stylish addition to your space - ideal for organising and displaying your treasured items.

With Fineline's versatile and stunning Infinity Range of storage solutions, it will be just as you visualised! Fineline really can make your dream come true!

Contact us today, for an obligation free quote.

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