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DIY Tips for Homemade Decor this Halloween


Halloween is a fun occasion for kids and adults, where we can all get a little silly with dressing up and decorating our homes because, well why not? Sweet treats everywhere with comical costumes will give way to some fantastic parties but what about the decor?

Whether you're hosting a Halloween party for kids or adults, the decor is what makes the event memorable. So here are our five favourite and frighteningly fantastic Halloween DIY decor ideas for your spooky party.

1. Origami Jack-O-Lanterns:

No matter where you are in the world, no Halloween celebration would be complete without Jack-O-Lanterns in one form or another. While orange pumpkins may be difficult to find and messy to carve, orange paper, Christmas lights, and a black pen are probably already in your home. Have a look at these adorable and easy Origami Jack-O-Lanterns and instructional guide by Natalie Kramer here:

2. Bat Centerpiece:

Chic, free and simple? Is such a decoration even possible? You'd be surprised by what a few garden twigs can do for your Halloween party. Take a look here at this sophisticated centerpiece made with twigs for a simple yet spine-tinglingly amazing decoration. Get creative with what you stick on your centerpiece and get the guide from Cyd Converse here:

3. Chic Spider Wreath:

Some of the most refined decorations are the elegantly simple ones. This beautiful and spooky spider wreath is sure to set the mood for your Halloween party as your guests enter the door. Every wreath will be unique as the web can be as simple or as intricate as you want. Have a look at the guide for the ultimate spider wreath from Kimberly here:

4. Hanging Ghosts:

No Halloween party would be complete without a few ghosts lurking about and these cute little spirits are the perfect addition. The simplicity of this DIY spooky decor is unquestionable and leaving them to hang and sway at your party will definitely bring some ghostly movement. Get the full instructions from Ashley Phipps here:

5. Witch's Broom Gift Bags:

Party packs are not just for kids parties anymore and these cheap, easy and adorable witch's broom treat packs will be a great hit at any Halloween party. All you'll need for these spooky treat bags are paper bags, twigs, twine, and treats of your choice. Get the instructions from Michele Filon here for the perfect Halloween farewell gift:

With all these great DIY decor ideas, your Halloween party will without a doubt be the most lively event in your neighbourhood this October.

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Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.
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