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Cupboard pest and mildew protection- 6 USEFUL TIPS!


Clothes are expensive and properly caring for them can be challenging in our busy schedules. How frustrating and upsetting is it when you want to wear your clothes again, especially your favourites - you take them out of your wardrobe and they smell musty, have visible dirty marks and stains or little teeny holes from being eaten by bugs and moths?

To avoid this, here are 6 handy tips on how to preserve and protect your wardrobe so that your clothing always looks great.

Ventilate your wardrobe space
Ensure that your wardrobe is cool, dry and well-ventilated as damp conditions will encourage mildew.

Clean your clothes before storing
It is important that your clothing is 100% clean and dry before putting them back in your wardrobe. With time any dirt or sweat will cause set-in stains which are then harder to remove. Dirty clothing also attracts insects and even slightly damp clothing invites mildew and mould growth. Rather air your clothes before replacing them in your wardrobe and use a laundry basket, and not the main cupboard, for dirty clothing that needs washing. Also, try not to crowd your clothing but allow for some breathing space between the hanging items.

Choose good hangers
Choose good, strong hangers not thin wire hangers which will not keep the shape, nor prevent the stretching, of your garments. For those clothes that are seldom worn, or special and expensive, protect them from getting dusty in a fabric zip-up garment bag which will not become humid or cause musty odours.

Fold clothing
Do not hang clothes that will stretch and lose their shape like T-shirts and jerseys. Fold them and stack them neatly on your wardrobe shelves or in drawers. For tips on how best to fold your clothes follow this link:

Protect bags and shoes
Fill bags and shoes with tissue paper to preserve their shape. Stack the bags on a shelf or at the bottom of your wardrobe and place your shoes on a shoe rack or in fabric shoe bags. This will ensure they are not piled on top of one another to get damaged or misshapen. Ideally shoes should be given a day's rest before wearing them again.

If possible, even consider installing a shoe cupboard in your bedroom.

Deter pests and mildew
Keeping your clothing and wardrobe interior clean and dry, will prevent mildew and deter moths and insects. The addition of cedar blocks is a good deterrent but to prevent the cedar oil from leaving marks on your wardrobe or clothing rather put the blocks inside a fabric bag or an old pillowcase.

Following these useful tips will protect your wardrobe but it is also important to keep your wardrobe interior clean, dry and dust-free but without using harsh cleaning aids. Your wardrobe's finishes and exteriors also need to be preserved, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions so as to maintain your wardrobe and your bedroom aesthetics for a long time.

For some wardrobe inspiration, follow this link:

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