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Common wardrobe design mistakes and how to fix them


Too much stuff, but too little space

Badly designed wardrobes accommodate a limited amount of clothing and easily become overcrowded. An improved wardrobe design begins with decluttering however the trouble is when the structuring doesn't allow for functional organisation the space very quickly becomes messy again.

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Double hanging

Instead of having one hanging rod that limits your space, you can use 2 rods or double hangers in the same vertical space to instantly double your storage, this is an efficient way to create additional space that accommodates your clothing.

Additional drawers

Adding neat and clean drawers or shoe draws will allow you to store 2 times as much in the same space. Additional drawers keep the closet looking neat and organised.

Shoe space

Whoever designed your wardrobe probably thought shoe storage wasn't important and hasn't walked a mile in your shoes. If you're looking for an affordable fix, an over the door shoe organizer can work for sandals but shoe draws are the ultimate wardrobe must have.

Room space using sliding mirror doors

Let's call it what it is, most wardrobes are a disorganized mess with no orientation and inefficient interior and exterior space. However, there is a simple way to get your arms around your wardrobe/ cupboard storage using sliding doors. A wardrobe without hinged doors means that space can be used to its full potential by making the entire area of the cupboard available for use.


Visit our showroom

We have taken an exciting step to bring our wardrobe solutions right to your doorstep and our new Bryanston showroom is guaranteed to give you a taste of our finest wardrobe and door varieties. Pop in for a coffee and test some of our sliding wardrobe doors.

Disorganised and badly designed wardrobes are a burden for everyone and create daily stress. You don't have to deal with the hassle of a bad wardrobe/cupboard design, get organized by contacting us for customisable wardrobe designs that satisfy your interior design ambitions.

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