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Can Healthy Eating Improve Your Company Culture?


The business world has taken a revolutionary turn and corporate culture has become a vital part of running a successful company. For many businesses, cubicles are out while the open plan is in, formal business attire has moved to business casual and instead of 20 employees battling it out for a position in a company, businesses try out-bid each other to sign the most talented newcomer in the field. Having an 'it' factor for your business's company culture can be the driving force behind your employees' productivity and getting the best and brightest on your payroll. One of the most popular ways for companies to boost and develop a healthy company culture is to take an interest in your employees eating habits. Read on to learn why investing in healthy snacks for your employees is a bigger investment for your business.

Each year, a new crop of graduates with groundbreaking ideas and endless energy enters their field of choice, bringing with them enthusiasm and an unyielding passion for the work they can't wait to get involved in. Among these bright-eyed youngsters are individuals who can bring something new and exciting, boosting the company's status and offerings. These individuals are recruited by several companies early on, leaving them with multiple employment offers to choose from.

Healthy food attracts the best:

Providing an array of delicious and healthy foods for your employees to eat and enjoy throughout the day is often an enormous advantage to your company when recruiting new talent, making your workplace more appealing and ensuring that employees stay once signed on. Why not invest in a juicer and a fruit bowl, healthier employees means less sick leave and more productivity.

How does it help current employees:

The strategy of providing healthy food doesn't only help with potential recruitments but serves current and longtime employees as well, especially to those who spend a lot of time in the office. The incentive for a healthy breakfast, lunch, and even dinner works to encourage all employees to arrive at work on time or earlier, work throughout the day without feeling the need to go for lunch and promises to keep them nourished should they need to work late.

Does it really help the business:

It's no secret that eating properly gives long-lasting energy to help individuals get through the workday. Imminent deadlines and long hours in the same chair can lead to a sense of lethargy during the final hours of the workday, however, eating delicious and healthy food helps employees focus and maintain a high work ethic. Providing these snacks and meals has other advantages for your employees other than a higher work ethic: eating means your employees will feel better about themselves and look better too.

This high performing company culture not only increases employee productivity and attracts new recruits to the business but also improves the brand's identity making your business a 'cool' place to work.

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