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Wardrobe Woes Will Be a Thing of the Past with Fineline

Running out of storage space? Feeling overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe or office cupboard? Is it a jumble of cluttered items? Is it difficult to find the item you need? Or are you simply looking to renovate or upgrade your bedroom or office? Here are 4 options to consider when choosing new wardrobes and cupboards. Design Utilise the services...
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Introducing our Incredible, Customised Installations for your Home & Business

Fineline is an established South African designer, manufacturer and installer of quality custom-made wardrobes and space-saving sliding doors with over 30 years' experience. They are dedicated to providing an excellent service offering which is evident from their wide and superior stylish range of options, quality workmanship, fine attention to mee...
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Health Tips for Ageing with Grace…

Growing old is a fact of life. No-one likes it or wants it. But everyone is destined to experience it because Time marches on… regardless! It is never too late to start growing old gracefully by…..….. Protecting Your Skin Protect your skin as this is one of the first places where ageing becomes visible. Use gentle anti-ageing skin products. Wear su...
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11 Important Coping Mechanisms for Sibling Rivalry in Your Home So You Don’t Go Mad

Is there sibling conflict in your home? Are your children constantly arguing? Always in competition with one another? Is it driving you mad? Is this rivalry becoming too stressful for you and the other family members? Are you needing help with this? If so, here are some suggestions. But, to deal with this conflict, one first needs to determine the ...
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Common wardrobe design mistakes and how to fix them

Too much stuff, but too little space Badly designed wardrobes accommodate a limited amount of clothing and easily become overcrowded. An improved wardrobe design begins with decluttering however the trouble is when the structuring doesn't allow for functional organisation the space very quickly becomes messy again. Click here to view some of our wa...
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What bad habits do you have?

Bad habits, everyone has one or many and they interrupt our daily lives, sometimes our health. They can waste time and energy and prevent us from being progressive and achieving our goals. The question arises, why do we still have them? And even more importantly, what can we do to get rid of them? Most of the time bad habits are simply a way to dea...
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Simple tips to redesign your bedroom

Add space Rearranging your furniture or adding sliding mirror cupboard doors can completely transform the cluttered space into a relaxing, light environment. Personalisation Your bedroom should be inviting and the one place in your home that allows you to unwind and rejuvenate. Design and decor colours should speak serenity, peace and relaxation, u...
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Is your child a victim of a nasty bully?

Bullying can exist in many forms - it can be physical, verbal, psychological and emotional. Learning how to spot it and how to protect your children from bullies is very important. Here are some tips to help your kids deal with bullies. Is my child a victim? The first step to dealing with bullies is identifying whether your child is a victim. Bully...
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Customise your home or office The Fineline Way!

We provide stylish, elegant, unique and customisable wardrobe solutions that transform your business or home interior to look and feel elegant and refreshing. How do we do this? Sliding Mirror Doors Transform the Space Incorporating sliding mirror doors to your room will make the overall feeling more luxurious and spacious. Fineline Wardrobe Soluti...
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Top 5 Wardrobe & Cupboard Designs for 2020

​ When it comes to bedroom & office decor one of the main features has to be your cupboards/wardrobes, especially since they make up a large portion of the rooms space. The investment you make will add value to the overall selling price of your home so it's time to get started. Here are 5 ideas to consider before you start: 1. Contemporary and ...
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4 Tips to customising your interior space using sliding doors & organisers.

If you are redesigning the interior of your home, start with your wardrobe/cupboard space. Here are a few tips to conceptualize, visualize and create your dream interior decor by using customisable sliding doors and organisers. Follow these simple tips below to make sure you create the perfect flexible space: Choose neutral colours for your furnitu...
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Visit our new showroom in Bryanston. Here's why...

Our modern Showroom is situated in Hobart Centre, Bryanston shop G07. At Fineline Solutions, we decided to give you easier access to our latest wardrobe/cupboard solutions and organisers. Our new showroom allows for easy access to parking and is situated in a safe location close to William Nicol Drive highway offramp. Here is what you can expect fr...
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3 Tips when planning a Valentine’s Day to remember!

​ It's that time of the year when we get to show the person we love, just how special they are. But what makes the perfect Valentine's day? Well, this depends on your partner. Put some thought into who they are and what makes them tick! Here are a few suggestions on how to do this: Add an element of surprise! There is no greater joy than watching y...
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Tips on how to dress for success

It's a New Year and that means it is time to start afresh. You've probably made several New Year's resolutions, whether it's eating well, organising your cupboards or just spending more time outdoors; but what about making one of your resolutions dressing for success? Dressing well ensures that you put your best foot forward when meeting new people...
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5 plants that will thrive indoors

2020 is here and one interior design trend that doesn't show any signs of slowing down is bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating lots of vibrant plants inside your home. Plants can bring fresh, vibrant energy into your home and add a welcome touch of green to your interior. Choosing the right plants for your home can be tricky as different p...
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Get a hassle-free wardrobe refresh with Fineline solutions

Why not welcome in the new year by treating yourself to a hassle-free wardrobe refresh with Fineline Solutions. After all, as the adage goes "New Year, new you". So, whether you're looking to upgrade your existing wardrobe with sliding mirror doors, get a brand-new custom-designed wardrobe or install an infinity organiser into your walk-in closet; ...
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Back to school: how to organise your stationery

​ School holidays always seem to fly by and before you know it, it's back to school for another exciting year filled with learning, making friends and yummy school lunches. But going back to school means sorting through piles of old stationery and buying a whole lot more (because kids can never seem to hang onto their scissors and glue), which can ...
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Predicted interior design trends for 2020

2020 is nearly upon us and with it comes a whole array of exciting interior design and décor trends to explore. Here are some of the top interior design trends to look out for in 2020: Colours to look out for While the pantone colour of the year has not yet been announced, many other paint companies have shed light on what they believe most popular...
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Planning the perfect festive season meal

The festive season is synonymous with delicious food and good company. Whether you celebrate Christmas or just enjoy the holidays, there's really no better time to invite friends and family into your home to enjoy a delicious festive season meal. Planning the perfect festive season meal can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing t...
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How to get the most out of your space with Fineline Wardrobe Solutions

We live in a time where space is a commodity, as high density living becomes more popular and our homes continue to get smaller. Gone are the days of sprawling gardens and huge bedrooms, rather we now find ourselves having to make the most out of smaller, more compact spaces. Running out of space may seem all but guaranteed these days, however ther...
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