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Back to school: how to organise your stationery


School holidays always seem to fly by and before you know it, it's back to school for another exciting year filled with learning, making friends and yummy school lunches. But going back to school means sorting through piles of old stationery and buying a whole lot more (because kids can never seem to hang onto their scissors and glue), which can be a nightmare, especially if you're tackling a disorganised stationery drawer.

We've compiled some handy stationery organising tips to help you take your stationery cupboard from chaos to clutter-free.

· Pick a place

When organising stationery ahead of the start of the school year, you will need to decide where you want the stationery to be stored, whether in an arts and crafts cupboard, or a designated stationery drawer or shelf. Keeping all your stationery in one designated place will help you avoid having random items of stationery cluttering up your drawers and workspaces, minimise the risk of misplacing something and accidentally buying duplicates, and it also ensures that the stationery is always easy to locate.

· Get rid of old stationery that you don't use

To make space for new stationery and to prevent an unnecessary build-up of clutter, you should consider throwing out away any stationery that is unusable or broken, such as dry fine liners, highlighters, glues and pens, as well as broken pencils and scissors.

· Get drawer organisers or dividers

Getting drawer organisers and dividers are an excellent way to ensure that all the stationery is easy to find and access. Drawer organisers and dividers can fit easily into your stationery drawer and they come equipped with several compartments which you can organise and store stationery in - such as storing pens in one compartment and highlighters in another.

· Repurpose a shoe organiser

Hang a shoe organiser on the back of your stationery cupboard door and store items of stationery in the individual pockets.

· Store pens and pencils in a desk caddy

A desk caddy with separate compartments is excellent for organising and storing pens, highlighters and pencils; as you can separate them into compartments, making them easy to locate.

· Sort the stationery by usefulness

Organise the stationery based on how often you use each item and then when storing it, make sure that the items which are most often used are the most easily accessible.

· Make use of clear, stackable storage containers

When it comes to storing papers - from colourful craft paper, to study notes and spare exam pads; clear storage containers are the way to go. Clearly label the storage containers to ensure that nothing gets misplaced. Stackable storage containers are great for organising stationery as they can be stacked on top of each other and stored on a shelf in your stationery cupboard, to save space.

· Store smaller items that are easily lost, such as staples, paperclips and erasers in small mason jars

Glass mason jars, especially the ones with lids, are excellent for storing smaller items of stationery that are easily lost, such as spare staples, pins for a pinboard, paperclips and erasers. Label your mason jar and then store it in your stationery drawer, on a shelf in your stationery cupboard or on a desk, depending on where you've decided to make your designated stationery area.

Say goodbye to stationary clutter with these handy stationery organising hacks and ensure that your kids start the school year stress-free, with their stationery close on hand.

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