There are not many things that are as disheartening as discovering your pantry and your dried food have been infested by pests. Sadly, this is something we will all experience in our lives and winning your pantry back from the creepy crawling infestation can be a battle. But not to fear, here are six steps to ridding your dried foods from weevils, flour beetles, meal moths, and other critters we'd rather not play host to. 

1. Inspect your food:
If you suspect you have an infestation of bugs hungry for your dry foods, take the time to properly inspect all your foods. From flours to grains and even your spices, make sure to check them all. 

2. Find the source:
When you are looking to get rid of any insect infestation, the key to success is to determine the source. Try and discover if the problem originated from the store where you bought the food items or if it started in your own cupboards at home. 

3. Discard:
While there are ways to kill off certain weevils and beetles and save your food, it is usually a much safer option to simply discard the infested food. Make sure that you properly seal the thrown out food or they might creep back in while you wait for the trash to be carried off. 

4. Clear the cupboard:
Remove all containers and foods from your dry storage cupboards and pantries, even those food items which haven't had pests inside. 

5. Thoroughly clean the storage area:
Vacuum and wipe down the shelves in your pantry properly. You will want to get all the adults, larvae and eggs out of the storage area before you replace your food. Use a vacuum cleaner and a dish towel dampened with vinegar and water to properly disinfect the shelves. 

6. Reseal and organise:
Use insect resistant containers to seal your food. These containers are made from thick plastic or metal and are air-tight. You can also take the time to properly organise your pantry for effective storage. Not sure what the correct method for pantry cupboard organisation is? Read here: http://ow.ly/HJZz30oGAVq 

Practicing reasonable caution is the key to keeping your pantry free of those horrible small pesky pests and eliminating them is as easy as following the above six steps. 

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