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​6 Tips for Designing a Wardrobe


When you decide it is time for a new wardrobe, there are a few things to consider when you start designing: 

It has to be practical and accommodate your needs. If you only have a small space available for a wardrobe, then adding a vanity unit inside of the wardrobe would not be practical and waste the much needed space. Rather dedicate some shelves or drawers for all makeup and hair accessories, and use a mirror door. How about that, problem solved.

There are no set rules when it comes to the internals, so be creative. Maybe some pigeon holes for your handbags or hats. The double-hanging technique is ideal to have in any wardrobe. Do you prefer shelves or drawers? Where will you put your shoes? Look at what your needs are and work from there.

Ensure you use all the available space; play around with your design to maximise your internal wardrobe space.

See all the available colours and finishing options. Ask for samples so you can look it over in different lighting during the day.

Ask Questions 
No harm in asking questions. Remember, you do not design wardrobes for a living so ask a professional for help. By telling a consultant what your wardrobe needs are, together you can design the wardrobe of your dreams.

Do not rush
Built in wardrobes are not something one plans to do every 5 years, so ensure you know what you want and you will be satisfied with the end result.

Now let's get moving and create a fresh new space for you to enjoy.

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