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6 Festive Season Last Minute Shopping Hacks


The festive season is almost here BUT you still have some last minute shopping to do! You can't believe that you have left it so late! It's going to be so stressful with the frantic crowds of shoppers all with the same idea in mind! Well, here are 6 constructive shopping hacks to help speed up your last minute festive season shopping...

Make a shopping list
Make a shopping list, double check it, then check online for the best deals and shops for those items on your list. If you can't order what you want online then knowing what you want upfront will make your shopping centre outing run more smoothly.

Online Shopping Tips
Use reputable online shopping stores which are known for their good customer service and prompt delivery. Here are some suggestions:
Amazon for movies and books
Loot for DVDs, books, games, electronics, computers and much more -
Superbalist for fashion and home and living product
Takealot who claim to sell "anything you can imagine

Shopping Centres
Plan your route
Now that you know what you want and where to buy it, plan your route to minimise your driving time and distance. If possible, try to keep to one shopping mall or centre which you know has all the stores you will need.This will save time and energy and you will zip through your shopping in no time!

Get there early
Find out the opening hours of the shopping mall or centre you plan to visit and be there at opening time. There will be fewer shoppers and the queues will be easier. You might even be home and away from the hordes in time for mid-morning coffee!!

Shop alone
This is not a fun shopping spree but a last minute Christmas shopping sprint, so go it alone. Don't bring the kids who are bound to slow you down. You want to beat the crowds and head home to relax, remember! So shop alone.

Check out the checkout queues
Be smart and analyse the checkouts for the speedy cashiers, the queues where the shoppers have fewer items and then pick your queue. It's always a balancing act and one doesn't always get it right. This year, there's also the Covid-19 virus to consider when choosing your queue.

Park wisely
Don't opt for a parking space closest to the entrance where you are likely to have your vehicle scratched by passing trolleys. Don't squeeze into a tiny parking bay where your vehicle might get dented by someone trying to get in or out of the next door car. Park further away but where it is safe. That little bit of exercise will do you good.

Well, here's to successful, speedy last minute festive season shopping. Next year, resolve to get your festive season planning and shopping done early.

We, at Fineline, wish you a happy jolly festive season with some well-deserved downtime and catch-up with your loved ones! Have a safe and blessed Christmas!

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