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4 Types of Clothes Hangers & What They're Best For


Clothes hangers are a wonderful invention, aren't they? Designed to be shaped similar to the human shoulders, their job is to allow our clothes to hang in our wardrobes without causing wrinkles. As an added bonus, they also help to save storage space for your clothes. With so many different types of clothing to hang up, it sometimes leaves us scratching our heads to figure out which hangers are best suited to which clothing... 

Wooden clothes hangers have become the material of choice for many reasons. The first being that they look much more sophisticated and are less likely to cause damage to delicate clothing. The second reason is that if made with cedar wood, they can have the added benefit of deterring many pests who enjoy snacking on fine clothing. 

Said to be the first material used to create a clothes hanger in 1903, wire hangers are highly versatile, lightweight, and take the least amount of space in the wardrobe. Wire hangers are ideal for most types of clothing although heavy clothes my weigh them down and bend them out of shape. 

Plastic clothes hangers have become the standard clothes hanger shape with variations offering added hooks for strappy dresses and skirt rings. Plastic clothes hangers are also readily available in smaller sizes which help to accommodate petit children's clothing without stretching the garments out. Knowing which hanger works best for which type of clothing can help make your clothing last longer, save you storage space, and organise your wardrobe properly. Make sure to use the right type of hangers on your clothes. 

Clothes hangers which have clips added onto them have been specifically designed for trousers, slacks, and skirts. The clips allow for a secured hang without causing damage or wrinkles to the item of clothing. 

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