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5 tips to get a Head-Start on Your Spring Cleaning Now


 Spring cleaning is a tradition carried on from when homes were warmed using wood and coal, during the winter months, and homes would get a fine layer of ash and soot from the fires that warmed the home. Spring was the first practical time to clean the home thoroughly, and while we no longer warm our homes with messy fires anymore, the tradition of spring cleaning lives on.

Here are five top tips on getting a head start on your spring cleaning now.

  • Keep all your dustbins washed and disinfected throughout winter whether they are in the kitchen, bathrooms, office, or bedrooms.
  • Clean the tops of your doors, wall trims, curtain rails, and hanging frames to get rid of gathered dust.
  • Clean behind your fridge. Making sure the coils on the back of your fridge are clean can save you a little extra cash when it comes to your electric bill. Ensure the fridge is off while you clean it.
  • Don't forget the blades of your ceiling fans where a lot of dust gathers on them and if you turn it on without a good clean, dust will fly everywhere.
  • Sort out your clothing into separate piles. Clothes that you are keeping and a donation pile to give those in need during the cold winter months.
  • Throw out all expired spices and take any expired medication to your pharmacy for it to be safely destroyed.

Not only will taking care of these few steps during the winter leave you with less cleaning come spring, but it will also lead to a healthier home. With less dust, de-cluttered donated clothing, and expired medication disposed of responsibly, your home and family will have a happier and cleaner winter.

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