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5 Shoe Cupboard Hacks


Yes, we're all guilty of it! Kicking off our shoes - just anywhere - as soon as we get home after a long exhausting day at the office, sinking with relief into our favourite comfy spot on the couch, with our feet up, to relax and regroup, with our shoes lying around and completely forgotten.

Some of us are shoe crazy and have loads of beautiful shoes but, we've all paid for the shoes we have, and very often at a great cost, so our footwear should be treated with respect and well.

Here are 5 handy tips on how to preserve your shoes.

Dedicated storage space
Firstly, get an organiser - just for your shoes. One that blends with your interior design for instant appeal. Whether it's a DIY rack installed at the bottom of your wardrobe, an over-the-door hanging shoe organiser, under shelf wicker baskets or a custom-built shoe cupboard, your shoes need their own storage space.

Shoe hygiene and care
Clean shoes, clean cupboard! Maintain your shoes by cleaning them before storing. Brush off any dirt and mud and, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth, polish and deodorise to preserve.

Pest-free storage
Keep your shoe cupboard moth and bacteria free - only store your shoes when dry. Moist environments encourage mould and mildew and attract insects like moths and bugs. Stuff newspaper inside your shoes to absorb any moisture and maintain their shape when wet. Don't leave dirty socks or pantyhose inside your shoes.

Stylish organising
Firstly, group your shoes in pairs into 2 categories - often used and not used so often. Then it's up to you to decide how you want to categorise them even further - perhaps same style, same colour or same usage e.g. for work, smart, casual or sports wear? Pack them so that getting dressed will be a breeze. No more missing shoes and no more unnecessary and unsuccessful delays - with shoes now in plain sight and within easy reach!

Disciplined storage practice
Be disciplined, organised and neat. Don't leave your shoes to kick around for everyone to step on or stumble over...ever again. Pack them away immediately, when clean and dry. Be disciplined and make this a regular routine. Their good condition will endure and they will last much longer.

Protect your footwear! Treat your shoes with respect. Practise these 5 handy shoe hacks and extend the lifetime of your beloved shoes.

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