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5 Fantastic Gift Ideas!


If you are one of those last minute shoppers, here are a few gift ideas that will suit almost anyone and there will still be plenty available in the stores.

Here is our list of 5 fantastic last minute gift ideas to save the day this year.

1. Gift Vouchers:

Some people can be quite difficult to buy a gift for, they may have everything they could ever want or need or could be very particular. If you know their favourite store or shopping mall to visit or browse, getting them a gift voucher for that place gives them the gift of choice. To bulk up the gift, wrap it up with a box of their favourite chocolates or a photo frame.

2. Gift Sets:

After a long year, who doesn't deserve a little pampering and me-time? Gift sets are readily available at many stores and are pre-packed with all sorts of wonderful goodies to enjoy. A few pamper stores like Sorbet or The Body Shop will have some specialised gift sets made for the festive season while some others will give you the option to make your own with some bits and bobs you think the receiver may enjoy.

3. Personalised Pen:

For the college student, artist, or dedicated business person, a beautiful pen is never a bad route for a gift idea. If you have the time to get it engraved with their name, the gift will be a lot more personal and well received. If not, don't worry as some nice packaging and presentation will help the gift shine even brighter.

4. A bottle of Some Good Stuff:

There are a good many wine and whiskey lovers out there who enjoy ending their day with one of their favourite beverage. A good bottle of whiskey or wine can be the perfect gift option for a number of people and with some whiskeys offering "gift sets" that comes with a bottle and a couple of branded tumblers, you definitely can't go wrong.

5. A Sweet Scent:

Whether it's for every day or a special occasion, we all want to smell our best. Most people will have a preferred brand of perfume or cologne that they prefer to use and may need a top up. If you know the brand they enjoy, this is a fantastic gift. Otherwise, a brand endorsed by their favourite celebrity or one that has some good reviews should do just fine.

Regardless of the shopping rush and how quickly time seems to escape us during the festive season, there is always a gift that will suit your loved ones perfectly, even at the last minute.

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