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5 appetising lunch box ideas for the new 2021 you!


Become a lunch box expert! Keep it simple, keep it healthy, use leftovers wherever possible and always include variety, balance, colour, freshness and fun to appeal. Choosing a mix each day from some healthy options like these below is sure to tempt and tantalise those taste buds. Getting organised and planning your daily meals will help you stay away from the spontaneous unhealthy take outs that may tempt you.

Complex Carbs
The healthiest choices are whole grain or wholewheat varieties - gluten free where appropriate.

  • Low GI seeded bread or rolls
  • Wholegrain or multi-seed wraps or pitas
  • Homemade pancakes and oat bars
  • Homemade scones or muffins
  • Provita, Ryvita or other savoury biscuits, corn or rice cakes
  • Pasta or rice

These make great sandwich or wrap fillers

  • Thin slices of cold chicken or ham
  • Tuna, or chicken, or hard-boiled egg with a little salad dressing
  • Sugar-free peanut butter, or nut butters
  • Lean minced or sliced red meat
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cheese
  • Reduced fat hummus
  • Avocado

Add toppings like tomatoes, greens (baby spinach, lettuce or cabbage), cucumber, grated carrot gherkins, low-fat cheese, lean soft biltong or bacon. Keep dressings to a minimum and choose low-sugar, low-sodium and small amount varieties.

Healthy snacks

  • Fresh fruit - apple, pear, kiwi fruit, strawberries, naartjie, orange, grapes, berries, bananas
  • Dried fruit occasionally – mangoes, raisins, figs, apricots, cranberries
  • Raw veggies - cucumber, carrot or celery sticks, baby mealies, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes - with a dip of mayonnaise, sugar-free peanut butter or hummus.
  • Lean biltong
  • Small tub of low fat yoghurt or drinking yoghurt
  • Home-made muffins or banana bread
  • Baked veggie crisps
  • Mini quiches
  • Mini pitas or wraps with a vegetable and protein (cheese, chicken or meat) filling
  • Provita or wholegrain crackers with a low-fat, sugar-free spread
  • Fruit and/or vegetable smoothie
  • Popcorn, pretzels
  • Unsalted, mixed nuts
  • Pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds
  • Sweet surprises - small chocolate bar, cupcake, packet of mini marie biscuits, yoghurt coated rice cake, homemade crunchie

Here are 5 appetising lunch box ideas but it's best to go with your own choices and become an expert on packing fun interesting lunch boxes for work.

1. Cherry tomatoes; grapes; blueberries; hummus; pita slices; ham and cheese roll ups; handful of unsalted, mixed nuts.

2. Whole wheat sandwich with cranberry walnut chicken salad - sliced chicken, dried cranberries, walnuts, apples, celery, and parsley; popcorn; strawberries; carrots; mini packet of Smarties.

3. Wrap filled with hummus and grated carrot; apple slices with peanut butter; dried apricots; boiled egg; homemade crunchie.

4. Raspberries; blueberries; tomatoes; broccoli; slices of rare roast beef; pretzels; pasta salad - pasta, olive oil, parmesan cheese, peas and carrots.

5. Raspberries; provitas; salad - baby spinach, purple cabbage, carrots, spring onion bits and chickpeas; rotisserie chicken with lite BBQ sauce; small tub of low fat yoghurt.

Another tip may be to invest in an air fryer or blender at the office for those times when you just feel like something different. Get the taste benefits of air fried chicken or french fries without all the fat and calories and get a real health boost with a delicious, nutritious smoothie to lift your energy levels.

Plan AHEAD! Take your time, but be thorough, when doing your planning and shopping. Then you'll be able to assemble your delicious, varied, balanced, colourful, fresh and fun lunch boxes for work each day - just like an expert and in no time at all.

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