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4 Tips to Organise Your Fridge


How often do you really clean out your fridge and freezer? Before your next big grocery shop, clean out and organise your fridge. Here are a few tips to help you to get to that perfectly organised fridge.

1. Declutter inside the fridge:
Start by taking every item out of your fridge and sort through each one. Carefully read the labels for the expiration dates of all your condiments and any medications. Examine all the fruit and vegetables, as well as any leftovers which may be sitting about to see if they are still good or if they need to be thrown out.

2. Clean while it's empty:
When the fridge is bare and all the food has been sorted into what can stay and what needs to be thrown out, quickly get to work on giving the inside a thorough cleaning. You want to do this as quickly as possible so that the food doesn't spoil while it's out of the fridge. Pay extra attention to the vegetable drawer as there are often a lot of bacteria which gathers there when fruits and vegetables are past their expiration date. To clean your fridge, you can either use the hot soapy water mentioned above or create a paste from bicarbonate of soda and water to disinfect and remove unwanted odours.

3. Declutter the top and front of your fridge:
You will want the outside of your fridge to look as beautiful as the inside when you're finished cleaning and organising. Remove any old notifications, takeaway menus and excess magnets off the front of your fridge and give the whole appliance a good wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust. 

4. Repack according to zones:
Deciding on where to place your food once the fridge is cleaned can be a breeze for some and a challenge to others. Ideally, you will want you longer life items such as condiments, juices, and soft drinks placed in the door of your fridge. On the higher shelves of the fridge, you will want to place food items which are ready for eating or have been processed in some way. These items include lunch meats and leftovers, while raw meat should be stored with safety in mind, and kept in a sealed bag or Tupperware to avoid spillage. Place dairy products as far back as possible in the coldest spot of the fridge. Fruits and vegetables should be placed in the vegetable drawer at the bottom.

Keeping a clean and healthy fridge goes a long way to keep your family healthy. Plan your fridge cleaning and organisation day right before your biggest grocery shop of the month for an emptier fridge and less work.

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