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4 tips to help you save space when your space is limited


Gone are the days of having acres of land on which to build a house and houses with endless rooms. These days living space is a commodity.

Finding enough space to put all your furniture in and live comfortably, without feeling boxed in by things, has become an all too common problem in today's world. Especially as more and more of us squeeze our lives into apartments or small townhouses. When making a home in a small space you'll often find yourself asking the question: how can you save space when you don't have that much space, to begin with? How can you make your living areas seem less cluttered and slightly more spacious?

We know the struggle that comes with arranging furniture and trying to come up with storage spaces for your home and so we've put together four handy decor tips to help you save space in your small space.

1. Make use of vertical spaces

When people think about space in their homes, they often overlook the vertical spaces they have, using them for the occasional piece of art or perhaps a mirror. These days, however, vertical space is a resource that has become more and more popular

- Make use of tall shelves or bookshelves that extend up to the ceiling to store a variety of items.

- Install hooks on your wall and on the back of your door and use them to hang up more than just clothes. You can hang kitchen utensils, cleaning utensils, clothes and handbags to name but a few.

- If you're an avid gardener or plant lover but are lacking space for lots of pot plants, consider installing a vertical garden in your home.

2. Choose versatile furniture that has multiple functions.

When you're living in a place where space is limited, one of the best things you can do with your space is to purchase items of furniture that have multiple functions.

- Get furniture that contains additional storage spaces such as daybeds for your bedroom.

- Convertible furniture, such as sleeper couches and is also a great way to save space.

- Chairs that can fold up and be stored in a cupboard area are a great way to be economical with the space in your home.

3. Hidden storage.

When you're in need of more space, the last thing you want is to have storage baskets and boxes in your living area. Hidden storage can help you take care of all your storage needs without cluttering up your living spaces.

- Making use of hidden storage places can help you save space and also keep your home looking neat. For example a coffee table with storage compartments that fit inside it.

- Sliding mirror doors give the illusion of space and are a great way to conceal the storage cupboards or wardrobes behind them.

- Skirted furniture can help you hide storage compartments which may be located under furniture.

4. Customise your furniture so that it is suited to your space.

By customising your furniture, you will be able to ensure that it is made to perfectly fit your spaces and will, therefore, help you save space by not wasting any space.

- Custom shelves are a great way to save space as you can design and adjust them to find the best fit in your space, they're not expensive and you can fit them into potentially awkward spaces and nooks.

- Customised wardrobes, will utilise and make the most out of the space you have available and offer additional storage within, further helping you to save space.

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