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4 Fresh Aromas to Transform Your Wardrobe


 Tired of that stale, musty smell in your wardrobe? And how annoying are those tiny moth- and insect-eaten holes which spoil your clothes? Here are 4 pleasant aromas to make your wardrobe smell great that moths and insects loathe….

Use essential oils
Not only will essential oil aromas freshen up any wardrobe space but some with their health-enhancing qualities will also benefit you and your bedroom space. Use lavender, lemon or peppermint essential oils which will also repel moths, bugs and other insects.

Its sweet floral scent is known to help produce a calm, tranquil environment and aid in promoting peaceful sleep.

It has a cooling, energising effect, calms stress levels and eliminates toxins.

It has a sharp but cool refreshing odour and will also eliminate mould and bacteria.

For more information on the benefits of home fragrances, follow this link:

Vanilla extract
Popular vanilla's soft aroma is musky, warm and comforting. It will calm your stress levels, refresh your mind and revitalise your energy. Make a mix of 1 tablespoon vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon water for a great smelling insect repellent.

Use strongly scented wood
Aromatic cedar wood will not only keep bugs and moths away but will also absorb moisture - one of the main causes of that musty smell in your bedroom cupboard and on your clothes. It comes in chips or blocks or cedar rings that fit over hangers - just place them where needed.

Fresh Cloves
Cloves are one of the most fragrant and natural ways to get rid of clothes moths with their lovely spicy and slightly sweet odour.

Make your own moth and insect repellent sachets
Simply choose your favourite aroma and then make your own scented moth-and insect-repellent sachets/pouches:
Add several drops of your favourite essential oil, or vanilla extract, to a cotton ball or tissue and allow this to absorb the scent of the oil, or using a bunch of cloves, then:

  • Transfer them into store-bought, organza, drawstring jewellery pouches or drawstring bags with ventilation holes and close them up.


  • Place these on the inside of fabric squares, cut out from any scrap of fabric (preferably very fine or breathable fabric or mesh), gather the fabric together, and tie with a string.

Hang these inside your wardrobe and their aroma will quickly permeate the space. When necessary, just open the pouches and replace with newly soaked cotton balls or a fresh bunch of cloves.

More easy ways to add aroma to your wardrobe
Choosing your own scent:

  1. Get a candle or bar of soap and wrap this in a cloth and place it on a shelf or in a drawer.
  2. Use a bath bomb as an air freshener in your wardrobe.
  3. Line your shelves and drawers with scented drawer liners or tissue paper.

That's it! You've made your easy-peasy, DIY scented options so place them in your wardrobe. Refreshing these every few months will keep moths and insects away plus you will be able enjoy the bonus of a pleasant smelling cupboard.

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